Environmental Law History Timeline Activity Estimated Time: One hour Grade Level

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Estimated Time: One hour
Grade Level: Secondary, but adaptable for other levels
Overview: Students will create a timeline of environmental law history from a larger list of environmental history events. Students can not simply put all of the events on the timeline, but must chose events that they deem relevant and significant to the conditions provided. This teaches students to:

  • Prioritize historical facts and events in order to develop the “discerning memory” needed for critical thinking and judgments;

  • Analyze the historical significance of events; and how historical events impact present circumstances;

  • Recognize the roles of popular culture, federal, state, and local governments; and how such roles and relationships demonstrate change and continuity over time; and

  • Appreciate and articulate the importance of the Rule of Law for protecting the environment.1

Standards: Students will develop the following Historical Thinking Skills:2

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