Environmental Health Indicators for New Zealand 2008

Authors and Acknowledgement

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Authors and Acknowledgement

This report was written by Kylie Mason, Paul White, Dyfed Thomas and Paul Moth of Health and Disability Intelligence, Health and Disability Systems Strategy Directorate, Ministry of Health.
The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following people in the Ministry of Health for their help and comments during the development and writing of this report: Jinny Gunston of the former Ministry of Health’s Public Health Intelligence Unit (now Health and Disability Intelligence); Erin Holmes and Aloka Bhattacharya of Health and Disability Intelligence; Frances Graham and Sally Gilbert of Environmental and Border Health; and Bronwyn Croxson of the Strategy Unit.
All Health and Disability Intelligence publications are subject to peer review by experts in their fields. This report was peer reviewed by internal and external reviewers, who provided valuable insight and contribution to this document. The following peer reviewers are acknowledged and thanked for their input into this report: Li-Chia Yeh, Paul Prendergast and Te Miha Ua-Cookson of the Ministry of Health; Simon Kingham of the University of Canterbury; Doug Lush of Biosecurity New Zealand; Rapunzel Mulawin, Louise Wickham, Mike Thompson and Amanda Hunt of the Ministry for the Environment.

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