Environmental Health Indicators for New Zealand 2008

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Information is an essential tool for public health policy and decision-making. The Ministry of Health, in particular, is making an effort to improve and share information on environmental health. As such, the annual report Environmental Health Indicators for New Zealand 2008 plays a critical role in providing reliable and up-to-date information on aspects of environmental health.
This document focuses on three key environmental health issues: air quality, water quality and biosecurity. The analysis is based on data sourced from existing data collections within the health sector as well as other government agencies – a reflection of the wide diversity of agencies involved in promoting the various aspects of environmental health in New Zealand.
This report will be of interest to the wider health sector, including public health units and District Health Boards, local government, other central government agencies and the general public. Comments about the report are welcomed and should be sent to the Environmental and Border Health Team, Population Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, PO Box 5013, Wellington.

Janice Wilson (Dr)

Deputy Director-General, Population Health Directorate

Ministry of Health

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