Environmental Health Indicators for New Zealand 2008

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This report draws attention to key issues in environmental health in New Zealand, with particular focus on air quality, water quality and biosecurity. In particular, the results show there are a number of pressures on the environment, mainly from the effects of population growth. Continuing pressures on the environment are caused by factors such as increasing energy consumption and the increasing number of vehicles on the road.
With regard to water quality, results in this report suggest that the majority of drinking-water is safe to drink, although there is room for improvement as a sizeable proportion of drinking-water supplies do not meet the drinking-water standards. There are similar findings with regard to air quality, with a large number of airsheds exceeding air quality guidelines at least once during the year. Finally, biosecurity efforts are important to ensure that pests and diseases stay out of New Zealand.
In future, it will be important to continue monitoring and addressing environmental health issues such as water quality, air quality and biosecurity to ensure that future generations of New Zealanders can enjoy the natural resources of this country without exposure to environmental hazards and subsequent poor health.

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