Entry #1 The Sword in the Stone

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Journal Entries

King Arthur
Pick 2 from each story to write

Entry #1 - The Sword in the Stone

After Arthur left to check for a room, Sir Ector told Sir Kay about the real reason the tournament had been called. Tell about a situation where someone told you some information after someone else had left. How did this make you feel? How do you think the other person who was left out felt? What would you feel like if you were left out of the information?

Entry #2 – The Sword in the Stone

Imagine what Arthur felt as Sir Ector told him he was really not his father. Write a diary entry explaining Arthur’s feelings on that day.
Entry #3 – The Sword in the Stone

King Arthur promised to rule justly over his people, to right all wrongs, to drive out invaders, and to bring peace and prosperity to the troubled kingdom of Logres. Draw a 1 page flier for Arthur to distribute that includes 5 specific things Arthur will do for his people.

Entry #4 – Excalibur

Gryflet begged King Arthur to allow him to fight Sir Pellinore. Arthur told him he was not old enough, but he begged until Arthur relented. Explain a time in your life that you begged to do something you really weren’t ready for. What were the results? If you had to do it over, would you do it again?

Entry #5 – Excalibur

Arthur chose to go fight Pellinore himself even though he could have ordered any one of his knights to fight for him. Why do you think he chose to do the actual fighting?

Entry #6 – Excalibur

Draw a picture of the sword that was formed in Lake Avalon – Excalibur. Use color and details to make the drawing of your sword.

Entry #7 – Excalibur

The Lady of the Lake made Arthur promise to do anything she asked in the future if she helped in get the sword. Do you think Arthur may regret this? Why? Name a time when you agreed to something in haste and then later regretted.

Entry #8 – The Gathering of the Knights

After Arthur decided to marry Guinevere, Merlin told him “it’s exactly that which will bring about the destruction of everything important to you.” Write a journal entry written by Merlin to himself, explaining why he said this to Arthur.

Entry #9 - The Gathering of the Knights

Draw the table with the feast on it that Arthur and Guinevere received as a wedding present. Use a blank piece of paper and use color.

Entry #10 - The Gathering of the Knights

Write a one paragraph ad for a local newspaper that tells of Sir Lancelot’s achievements and positive qualities.

Entry #11 - The Gathering of the Knights

Write a descriptive paragraph about the scene where Galahad sits in the Siege Perilous Chair. Include reactions from the other Knights as well as Arthur and Lancelot.

Entry #12 – The Enchanted Ship

Draw a picture of the ship on a blank page. You may use the picture on page 37 as a guide, but you should also get creative and add your own touches. Make sure to color your ship.

Entry #13 – The Enchanted Ship

Write a journal entry of Sir Arthur’s feelings when he woke up chained in the dark dungeon. Include his physical and emotional feelings, as well as his thoughts. Include notes about conversations he had with the other prisoners.

Entry #14 – The Enchanted Ship

King Arthur vowed to get revenged on Morgan le Fay, the mastermind of the trick on Arthur and Accolon. Think of one way King Arthur might get revenge on Morgan le Fay that does not include any physical violence, but focuses on trickery.

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