Entice Your Players with Bill Acceptors! By Kristina Chevalier

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Entice Your Players with Bill Acceptors!

By Kristina Chevalier

November 2010

There is so much more to a bill acceptor than meets the eye. Sure, they accept money that’s the basic, most obvious function of an acceptor. But what if I told you they can also enable fresh marketing strategies, open up markets you would otherwise deem impossible, lure in your players and most importantly maximize your player’s options. Those points make bill acceptors a little less basic and a little more intriguing.
Bill acceptors in the amusement industry are not as common as they are in say the vending industry. Most game rooms you see these days are a token only, coin only or a card swipe facility. Why limit yourself? Why take away another option to put more money in your pocket?
Maximize Your Player’s Options: Dig in your pockets or look in your purse and see how much change you have at this very moment. I can tell you that I have 96 cents in my wallet and 11 cents of that are pennies; so I am automatically down to 85 cents of playable coins. Unless I’m playing on a 25 cent machine (unlikely) I only have enough money for one play. This example is likely to happen to the majority of your players being that change is heavy and a nuisance to carry around.
Now open your up wallet and see how much cash you have in there. If the machine is also equipped with a bill acceptor I am in a much better playing position being that I have four $1 bills with me. I now have the luxury of playing more than once which is the ultimate goal. This is where you are probably thinking, I have change machines for this exact reason. Changers are an excellent piece of equipment to have at your location as it gives your players another payment option (if you haven’t noticed, it’s all about the options!). But once your player is in front of the machine you don’t want them to walk away just because they need more change. Providing them with the option of using cash, at the machine, eliminates their need to walk away. Machines are designed to hook your player’s, to give them that desire to play again… and again… and again. If you don’t maximize your player’s payment options you may very well be limiting that desire to play again. It seems kind of silly to stand in the way of your own profits.
Open up New Markets: Think of all those border areas that accept US and foreign currency. They do so to support their entire clientele and not limit their profits based on currency type. Did you know that bill acceptors have that capability? It’s true, certain acceptors have dual currency acceptance capabilities, trust me...I know! Think of the benefits of placing machines in these areas. You are now opening up a new market for yourself, maximizing your player’s payment options and essentially lifting those pesky limitations off your shoulders. The possibilities are just about endless with the right mindset and the right acceptor.
Enable Fresh Marketing Strategies: Keep dual acceptance in the front of your mind but replace the thought of foreign currency with marketing. Coupons, customized for your location, are a great way to advertise. This in turn, draws in new clientele as well as ensures your current players return to your facility. There is no additional work for you or your employees because the bill acceptor is easily programmed to accept your coupons as well as cash. Whether the player obtained the coupon in a marketing campaign or was given the coupon as a thank you, they can play a round on you and continue to pay for additional plays without having to ever leave the machine.
On the advertising end it’s a win-win situation. Most ads you see in magazines or newspapers get passed up because it’s basic, uninteresting, informative verbiage pertaining to that specific business and the services they offer. They are talking themselves up and essentially asking for a person’s business. Coupons do the opposite, while they provide the essential information a person needs to find and/or contact your facility they aren’t necessarily asking for business. Instead, they are providing an enticing option; it’s an automatic advantage to visit your facility because there aren’t any obligations. Coupons help you speak to people in a different language. You aren’t saying come here and give me your money you’re saying give us a shot, if you’re not sold, you didn’t spend a dime to try. Let’s face it; if the potential player is walking in to use the coupon they aren’t leaving after it’s gone. You now have a new customer.
Getting the coupons out to the public is simple. Most grocery stores are more than happy to have their baggers toss a coupon in while they bag groceries. Restaurants are typically happy to allow a small stack to sit in their waiting area as are most other businesses that do not compete with your location. Wipe the dust off of the white pages and send out a direct mailer to area locals. Getting creative with it ensures you optimize your marketing efforts.
For current players it’s a great way to let them know you appreciate their business. Hand them a coupon or two when they get there, while they are playing or before they leave as a way to say thank you for your loyalty. You are not only making them feel good about being there but you are ensuring their return because it’s not a generic coupon, it’s customized, and therefore only accepted at your location. Most people will only give their loyalty to a location where they feel appreciated. Giving away one or two free plays every so often is a small price to pay to gain a lifelong player.
Lure in Your Players: Picture yourself in a dark game room, getting as close to the front of a machine as you can possibly get in an attempt to find the coin slot so you can pay and play. We have all been there at some point in our lives. Unless you’re an innocent bystander watching a person search high and low for the coin slot, it’s just not fun. Bill acceptors have an LED illuminated bezel showing a clear entry path for payment. There is no bending, no dragging a coin across the front of the machine in hopes of it magically dropping in at any given moment. Better yet, it’s more alluring to your players. If there are two machines sitting side by side in a dark game room one with a bill acceptor and one without which machine are the majority of your players going to approach? In most instances a person will approach the machine that is easiest for them to use. In this particular example it’s the machine with the bill acceptor. The bezel is flashing which immediately grabs their attention and makes it easy for them to pay and play.
When you weigh the options for installing a bill acceptor keep all these points in mind. It can be so much than just accepting cash. Allow your bill acceptor to broaden your horizons, help attract new players and most importantly…help increase your profits.

Pyramid Technologies, Inc. opened their doors in Cleveland, Ohio in early 2001. After three years in Ohio the company’s President and Founder, David Mays, packed up and relocated to Mesa, Arizona where all Pyramid products are proudly manufactured. Kristina Chevalier joined the PTI team in March, 2005. Kristina handles all marketing efforts for PTI as well as her responsibilities as Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast and Midwest. Kristina can be contacted at kristina@pyramidacceptors.com or 480-507-0088 ext. 212.
For a PTI representative in your area please contact us at 480-507-0088.
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