Entertainment in 1920s Australia Initially known as the Jazz Age or Roaring 20s

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Entertainment in 1920s Australia

  • Initially known as the Jazz Age or Roaring 20s in the United States, then around the world

  • Alcohol, women’s fashion, crim, technical development (the car) and entertainment were all a part of a “fashion” that was this era

  • Money was spent on material goods rather than using it towards everyday items

  • The people of the ‘20s focused on possessions and entertainment

  • Dancing was all the rage in this era – the “Charleston” was first seen

  • Women’s clothing became lighter and shorter

  • A cry from parents: “our sons and daughters are out of control”

  • The times were changing

  • The jazz youth of Australia followed in America’s wild footsteps

  • Sigmund Freud’s theory that sexual was the primary motivation of human beings encouraged a new found freedom and showed an exhibition of unbridled (unmarried) sex

  • Society’s changing and developing nature was influenced by film at the time

  • The Australian film industry collapsed and all film was imported and nothing was exported. (This was not always so as Australia was said to had made the first feature film in the world)

  • The theatre was a fabulous fantastical place in where Australians were swept up in the make-believe world of Hollywood

  • The automobile was another aspect of entertainment and material possessions in the era

  • The wireless (later known as the radio) was another modern technical development of the time. It was also a new way of communication

  • The aeroplane was developing

Terms of the 1920s:

Fast: used to describe a young woman or girl who intended to be immoral or conduct herself as if she were

Flapper: The term "flapper" first appeared in Great Britain after World War I. It was there used to describe young girls, still somewhat awkward in movement who had not yet entered womanhood.

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