Enlightenment Thinkers Project During the Age of Enlightenment 18

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Enlightenment Thinkers Project

During the Age of Enlightenment (18th century), new ideas rapidly spread throughout the world. These ideas put forth by Enlightenment thinkers changed the face of government and society tremendously. In this project, you will uncover some of these remarkable thinkers through research, collaboration and presentation.

You will research a famous Enlightenment thinker. Your task is to uncover a variety of information about the thinker and his or her ideas. You will use this research and turn it into a project that you will be presented to the class so that they can understand why your thinker was important in the Enlightenment time period.

  1. Symbol (15 pts)

    • You must create a symbol that represents your thinker or his or her ideas. This symbol must be unique and creative.

  1. Biographical Information (15 pts)

    • You must find some basic background information on your thinker… Where are they from? When did they live? What was their occupation? What were some significant events in their lives?

  1. Key Ideas that Reflect Enlightenment Thinking (30 pts)

    • You must summarize and explain the ideas that your thinker contributed to the world during the Enlightenment period.

  1. Impact on Modern Government (30 pts)

    • You must uncover the significance of your thinker’s ideas. How did they impact government during that time period? In what ways do your thinker’s ideas exist in our government or world government still today?

Be sure to list your sources (internet or book’s, no Wikipedia!) on the last page of your project.

  • Total points: 100

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