Enhance your study abroad experience Our identity is our mission: in our small, personal

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Enhance your study abroad experience

Our identity is our mission: in our small, personal Green Campus students are offered the opportunity to be exposed to the local culture, through a real cultural exchange, to meet other students from all over the world, to develop critical thinking, to discover and improve creative and intellective skills. LdM takes care of students during their entire stay in Rome, to help them integrate culturally and to allow them to live a real cultural experience.


  • Pick up and check in at the airport, in order to welcome the students immediately, and to start advising and supporting them throughout their stay in Rome.

  • 5 different orientations:

  • General orientation.

  • Housing orientation.

  • Habits and the City orientation during which students learn about the cultural differences between their countries and Europe, with particular emphasis on Italy. This helps them gain a higher level of awareness of the strong local identities, and at the same time they discover that what sometimes seems a cultural clash could turn into a new experience.

  • Wine-culture orientation, held by the American professor of our course Wines and Culture I: the Wines of Italy, this orientation is aimed at teaching students to drink like Italians: by savoring the flavors and distinctive qualities of fine Italian wines, learning about the diversity of Italian regions and their products, and understanding that wine is a cultural aspect of Italy altogether. So that drinking can turn into a problem, this orientation help student to appreciate wine, rather than abuse it.

  • Italy, a geographical overview, during this orientation, students are introduced to the geography of the Italian peninsula and to  the Italian historic background. They are explained useful information that help them orientate during their semester abroad: the morphology of the peninsula, the difference between north and south, the climate, the regions and the different cultural and food habits.

  • Our courses are connected to the Roman resources, using the city as our classroom. All of our courses include on site classes that allow students to experience the subject matter studied. Classics students learn the deeds of the Ancient Romans walking through the Roman Forum, peeping through the old shops on ancient via Biberatica, discovering the layers of the city at the Crypta Balbi, or reading and understanding the Latin inscriptions on Roman monuments. Art History students can enjoy the three-dimensionality of the works of art and be overwhelmed by the dynamic effect of Baroque sculpture in St.Peter Basilica. History students follow history through the narrow streets of Rome, which still bear the signs of time, such as via Rasella where the holes made by the bullets of the Nazi’s shotguns during World War II are still visible. Or visit Castel S.Angelo, example of transformation and reuse: originally Emperor Hadrian’s tomb, transformed during the centuries into Papal fortress, and now setting of the movie Angels and Demons. Students can also visit the Italian parliament, assist to a parliamentary sessions or explore the Quirinale, house to the President of the Republic of Italy. Business and Marketing students have access to Italian companies based in Rome, and learn how they work, such as Caffè S.Eustachio, renowned coffee brand where they are guided through the discovery of Italian coffee production and marketing. Or the Palazzo del freddo Giovanni Fassi, the oldest ice cream producer in Rome and now an Italian company expanding in the Asian continent. Literature students experience the same atmosphere that Henry James or John Keats took inspiration from, in hidden corners of the city: sipping coffee in the famous Caffè Greco on via Condotti or strolling on the picturesque cobbled streets of Rome. Cinema students are plunged into the retro atmosphere of La dolce vita, depicted in the famous film, and walk through the settings of many films directed by Federico Fellini. They discover the Cinecittà film studios, where masterpieces of Italian cinema were shot, and admire the original sceneries of films by Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini and many others. Religion students visit the treasures of Saint Peter and discover the functioning of the world’s smallest and long-lived state: the Vatican City. Art students are be able to sketch taking inspiration from real masterpieces scattered through the city, experiencing the layers the City of Rome is built on. Students are exposed to local culture not only through the onsite classes, but also through several guest-lectures that help create a strong tie between the courses and the city, and they are given a different perspective on the topic studied and discussed in class. For example, professionals from important organizations, such as Libera informazione, explain students what it is like to actually work every day against the Mafia. Other relevant guest-lectures include young priests reporting on the active role of the Catholic Church in 21st century Rome or professionals working in international organizations based in Rome explaining the functioning of International bodies and their connection to the city.

  • Academic standards: continuing with the same academic principles and high standards of education and students services established in Florence, the LdM Rome campus offers an academic and culturally rich program to serious and motivated students seeking a personalized study experience in Italy’s capital city. Our mission is to give our students a quality academic experience that will open their minds to a new way of thinking through their exposure to the city. Students are nurtured through their academic  program by close, one-on-one attention with LdM staff and faculty. We promote and facilitate cultural exchange with local people, and continually work to ensure an all-absorbing experience of growth and discovery though an academic and cultural development.

  • Our Faculty members attained their degree and Ph.D. in Italy and abroad and are recognized professionals in their areas of expertise. They provide a link between the school and the city and assume a crucial role in the development of the campus and the personal growth of each student. LdM teaching methods aim to involve each student through active participation both in class and on site

  • The Language and Culture Exchange organized through the Italian Language department, helps students learn and practice the language through social activities organized with Italian students, ultimately promoting intercultural friendships.

  • The Italian Club is a cultural association for LdM students who wish to get deeper into the Italian culture during their stay in Rome. The Italian Club promotes many activities such as cultural events, movie nights, walks where tourists usually don’t go, football games, dinners in typical places, naturalistic excursions with the possibility to experience local gourmet products. The Italian club helps students get involved in the everyday Italian life.

  • Extra Curricular Activities, the wide variety of activities offered caters to the diverse interests of the LdM student body, from Italian movie viewings to evening wine tastings, day trips to the surroundings of Rome, lectures and meetings with local artists and opera nights—in short, there is something for everyone. LdM offers its students private guided tours of major sites and museums in Rome, as well as on-site guest lectures. LdM promotes cultural events together with local and international artists and professionals complementary to the academic curriculum and aiming to involve and take up the students into a stimulating and intellectually rich environment.

  • Field Trips aim at proposing a different approach to travelling, to live an authentic Italian experience. Students are not only tourists, but also protagonists, through a series of educational and cultural activities such as cooking and painting workshops, visits to small local firms, food-and-wine tours and many more.

  • A “Green Policy”, in its wider meaning: respect towards people and common properties, from which it springs the sensibility to consider the importance of the natural environment and of universal rhythms, leading to a sustainable lifestyle. This is an important feature of the Study Abroad experience that we offer, and that we would like to share with our students, aware that only all together we will be able to contribute effectively. The school puts it into practice every day: recycling, using recycled paper, saving energy and organizing different activities such as an excursion to Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzi, the largest European park, and the Slow Down! Day that is the opportunity to get back a more human rhythm of life, enjoying several activities .

  • Special Events: during the academic year, LdM Rome encourages its students, faculties and staff to participate in special events: meeting artists, intellectuals or young talents. Lorenzo de’ Medici School promotes culture and cultural exchange also in the city of Rome, always keeping our students and their needs at the centre of its vocation.

  • The Network: when students come to study at Lorenzo de’ Medici, they live an experience that goes beyond the boundaries of the school walls. LdM is tied to the neighbourhood and to the city. Bookstores, coffeehouses, restaurants and other useful commercial activities, welcome students and make them feel part of the city, other than granting them special offers thanks to the convention with the school.

  • Housing In the same way of the other services offered, housing is arranged in every detail in order to provide students with comfortable accommodation not far-away from the school. Together with rooms in apartments, homestay is also offered, for those who prefer to live in close contact with local culture. All apartments are located along the metropolitana line A, within a 15 to 20 minutes metro or bus ride away from the school. After the housing orientation, during the first week of stay, a staff member will visit each apartment giving students useful information to enhance their experience, helping them familiarize with their accommodation. A neighbourhood walking tour will be organized, showing students the location of useful services, shops and transportation.

Feel at home in Rome!

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