English Reformation " Henry, you are the father!"

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King Henry VIII

English Reformation
Henry, you ARE the father!”
One of the most fascinating periods of English history involves the Tudor period. The most magnificent of all the Tudors - King Henry VIII. Henry was a second son and destined for a life in a church until fate took a hand when his elder bother, Arthur, died. Henry's destiny changed from secular to the monarchy. In his younger days King Henry VIII was a handsome and athletic young man. Intelligent, affable and fun-loving. What happened to change him into an obese, and at times considered a cruel and terrifying monarch? A devout Roman Catholic, awarded the title of Defender of the Faith. He turned the life of the Tudors upside down when he broke from Rome and created the Church of England. Henry is also known as a womanizer, for he was married six times! Is this what he should be remembered for in history? A cruel, terrifying monarch who was a womanizer to the very end? Or a king who did things “his way” in order for his country to become and stay one of the most powerful nations in Europe? That is for YOU to decide! Dig up the facts about King Henry VIII using:
Directions: Ye good ole’ textbook pages 389-391 to find out more about the Tudor Dynasty, and how King Henry VIII established a powerful country (with the help of six women at that).
Religious Changes to England

Political Changes to England (laws, acts)

What did Henry do to people who went against him? Who were they and what happened?

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