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Self-Assessment Exercise
“The poetry of W. B. Yeats and TS. are perfect examples of modernist poetry. Expatiate.

The two poems discussed in this unit seem to be very difficult to interpret. But you should understand that it is part of the features of twentieth century poetry to use images and symbols. The two poems by Eliot and Yeats are full of mythical symbols which may better be understood by the people of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, we tried to interpret and analyze these poems as simple as possible for you to understand.

In this unit, we have discussed the poetry of Eliot and Yeats. We also made you understand their literary and cultural backgrounds. We tried as much as possible to familiarize you with the styles of their writing.
How modernist is TS. Eliot‟s The Wasteland or W.B. Yeats Among the School Children
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th edn. New York and London Norton Anthology, 1996, PP. 1344 – 56. Faulkner, P. (ed. (1986). A modernist reading modernism in England 1910-
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