English poetry

Module 5 1 Background to the Victorian Poetry

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Module 5
1 Background to the Victorian Poetry
17 Assignment 1 2 Robert Browning and Matthew Arnold The examples of Victorian Poetry
18 Assignment 2 3
Century English Poetry
19 Assignment 3 4 TS. Eliot and W.B. Yeats The Examples of 20
Century English Poets
20 Assignment 4

Facilitators/Tutors and Tutorials

13 Fifteen tutorial hours are provided for in this course to enable the students and their tutors to meet and examine the contents of the course at intervals. You will be informed of the dates, time, and venue for these tutorials, along with the name and particulars of your tutor as soon as one is assigned to your group. Your tutor will grade and comment on your assignments, monitor your progress and provide answers to your questions during tutorials. You must submit your assignments in good time to enable your tutor to read them well and to make appropriate comments. Do not play with your tutorials or hesitate to consult your tutor when the need arises. Tutorials afford you opportunity to meet and discuss with your tutor face to face and they help you to get immediate answers to troubling questions. Apart from tutorials, you may consult your tutor when You do not understand any part of the study units You have difficulty understanding Self-Assessment Exercises or
Tutor-Marked Assignment When you have problems with the tutor's comments on your assignments or their grading. To gain maximally from the tutorials, you ought to prepare a list of questions before attending them and you must endeavor to participate actively in discussions during tutorials.

14 This course is historical, theoretical as well as analytical in dimension. It will enable you to understand how the English tastes, characters and sensibilities are captured in poetry overtime, as well as help you to know those who influenced English poetry and the trend of their thought. This course examines the English poetry from its beginning to the 20
th century. It explains the factors that helped to nurture the different kinds of poetic traditions inherent in English world, the works of selected poets and the various themes espoused in them and the nature of the English audience. The course guide is, therefore, designed to make the course enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, what you get depends on how much time you dedicate to studying the various course units. Good luck


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