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Module 5:
The Victorian Poetry and the 20
Century English Poetry
Unit 1 Background to the Victorian Poetry Unit 2 Robert Browning and Mathew Arnold The Examples of Victorian Poets Unit 3 20
Century English Poetry Unit 4 TS. Eliot and W.B. Yeats The Examples of 20
th century Poets Each module is preceded by a miniature table of contents, including introduction, unit objective, the main content, Self-Assessment Exercise (SAE) as well as one
Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) which you are required to answer and submit for grading.
Textbooks for further Reading

9 At the end of every unit, you will find a list of books and other such materials that will enable you have a firm grasp of the course. The books are to aid your understanding of this course. You are, therefore, expected to consult as many materials as possible. This will enable you to grasp the course deeply.
Presentation Schedule The presentation schedule gives you the important dates for the completion of your tutor-marked assignments and when you will attend tutorials. Remember that you are required to submit your assignments according to the schedule.
Assignment File The file contains the details of all the assignments you must do and submit to your tutor for marking. The mark you obtain from these assignments will form part of the final mark you will obtain in this course.
Assessment The course has two types of exercises or questions you are expected to tackle. The first is the Self-Assessment Exercises (SAEs) which you are expected to solve but not submit at the end of the study. The second is the Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMAs) which you must solve and submit in an assignment file in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the successful completion of the course. The TMA accounts for 30% of your total score for the course.

10 Every unit has a Tutor - Marked Assignment, which is a compulsory question that must be answered and submitted at the end of the course. You will minimize your chance of doing well in the course if you fail to submit answers to all the Tutor-Marked Assignments as required.

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