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Working through the Course

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Working through the Course
Students are advised to commence the study by reading the course guide, which gives a quick overview of the course. The units must be read carefully starting from unit one. Always make sure that before a particular unit is read, its objectives have been understood as this will provide the overall picture of the unit. Try and read the recommended textbooks and other related materials in order to deepen your understanding of the course. Each unit has a self-assessment question, which you are expected to use in assessing your knowledge of the course. Note down the areas that seem unclear and need more clarification.
Course Materials
i. Course guide

7 ii. Study units iii. Textbooks iv. Assignment file v. Presentation schedule

Study Units
This course is a three credit unit course comprising five modules. Each module is made up of different study units depending on the contents and scope of the study. On the whole, the course has twenty study units of varying length. The modules and their units areas follows
Module 1
The Earliest English Poetry and the Anglo-Norman Period
Unit 1 Background to the Earliest English Poetry Unit 2 Beowulf and the Earliest English Epic Unit 3 The Battle of Maldon Unit 4 Chaucer‟s Poetry
Module 2
The Renaissance Poetry
Unit 1 What is Renaissance Unit 2 Elizabethan Poetry Unit 3 Shakespearean Sonnets Unit 4 Metaphysical Poetry
Module 3
English Poetry in the Restoration and 18
Unit 1 Satire in the 18

8 Unit 2 18
Century Classicism Unit 3 John Dryden‟s Poetry Unit 4 Alexander Popes Poetry
Module 4
English Poetry and the Romantic Movement
Unit 1 Background to Romantic Movement Unit 2 William Wordsworth and the Romantic Movement Unit 3 John Keats Poetry Unit 4 William Blake‟s Poetry

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