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Five things you should be doing when you think you have finished all your work!

  1. Wider Reading. It is a good idea to read around the texts you are studying. This means reading critical works. It will provide an insight into the views of critics over time and it will help you to form your own views about your set texts.

  1. Research the social and historical context. Where is the text set? When was the text set? What attitudes were prevalent in society at the time? Every text is a product of its time and its place, knowing more about the social/historical context will help you to comprehend the text.

  1. Research the author’s life. Sometimes writers include details of their own lives in their writing. Understanding the author’s life will also give you insight into their writing.

  1. Research the contemporary writers of the author you are studying. Understanding what they are writing will enhance your understanding of your set text.

  1. List all of the themes from your set text. Produce a list of top ten quotes for each of your themes. This should aid your preparation for exams. Once you have considered themes, you could practise writing essays on those topics in timed conditions.

Additional Enrichment Ideas
Wider Reading

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