English IV life According to the Ancient Greeks and Romans Reading Checks

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English IV Life According to the Ancient Greeks and Romans Reading Checks

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RC#8: Due M 2/10 (C International Week): HW8 AR Omit Book 17 [read summary] + Iliad Book 18: The Shield of Achilles, p. 467-87 = 21 pages + Book 19: The Champion Arms for Battle, p. 488-502 = 15 pages [total 36 pages]

  1. Why does Antilochus do to Achilles physically when he delivers the news of Patroclus’ death in Book 18?

  1. Who rose from the sea after she heard the terrible cry Achilles let loose during his initial grief?

  1. Why does Hephaestus seem so willing to provide Achilles armor? In other words, to whom does he feel a debt and why?

  1. Who speaks the following lines from Book 18 about the prospect of facing Achilles?

“I for one, I’ll never run from his grim assault,

I’ll stand up to the man—see if he bears off glory

or I bear it off myself! The god of war is impartial:

he hands out death to the man who hands out death.” (355-360)

  1. In what specific context in Book 18 does Homer describe various scenes of non-heroic, daily life in great detail, including wedding feasts, quarrels in the marketplace, plowmen tilling the soil, harvesters reaping the grain, children plucking grapes from the vine, etc.?

  1. What promise does Thetis make to Achilles at the beginning of Book 19 with regard to the corpse of Patroclus?

  1. In Book 19, Agamemnon addresses the Achaeans after Achilles announces his intention to set aside his rage. In reply, Agamemnon responds that he was blinded by (the goddess) Ruin when he took away Achilles’ prize. What mythological story does Agamemnon cite then to illustrate how Ruin can blind everyone, including Zeus himself?

  1. Much of Achilles’ dialogue in Book 19 focuses on his eagerness to begin fighting right away. Odysseus and the other Achaean chieftains oppose that plan because they want the army to eat first. How does this basic difference in priorities highlight Achilles’ rage?

  1. What unique attribute about Achilles’ spear do we learn during his arming scene in Book 19? How does this help prepare us for the onslaught the hero is poised to release against the Trojans?

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