English IV ap/DC

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English IV AP/DC

Second Quarter Unit Overview

The Search for Meaning

Required William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Readings: Selections from Machiavelli’s The Prince

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Selections from The Bedford Introduction to Literature

Selections from Reading Critically, Writing Well

Student choice: novels for fun reading

Student choice of 4 current news magazines
Major Grades: Austen Style Emulation Letter/Huxley Propaganda Script

(50%) and in-class essay (from last quarter)

Observational essay and writing portfolio

Frankenstein essay/Socratic Circle

Ophelia Art and Poetry assignment/Socratic Circle

Minor Grades: Machiavelli’s The Prince: Socratic Circle and Text Review

(50%) Literary Terms #2 Quiz

AP Released Exam #2 (Modified for time; poetry focus)

Book Club Meetings Folder

Common Assessment (one portion of the Released AP Exam)

Frankenstein reading quizzes

Current Events analysis

Midterm Exam: Hamlet, Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, Brave New World, MLA formatting

Unit Syllabus

(subject to change)

19 October Finding Joe
20 October Finding Joe

Issue “Soup” and Guide to Reading
21 October Hamlet introductory scene analysis
22 October Poetry Thursday: Sonnets

Hamlet introductory activities

23 October Hamlet scenes

Submit Book Club plan

26 October Hamlet scenes

27 October “Soup” Guide to Reading due

“Soup” Socratic Circle

Compare/Contrast posted online
28 October Hamlet scenes
29 October Poetry Thursday

Hamlet scenes
30 October Compare/Contrast due

Assign Observational essay

2 November Hamlet scenes

Frankenstein quiz #1 (through chapter 5)
3 November Hamlet scenes
4 November Hamlet scenes

Assign Literary Terms Unit 2

5 November Machiavelli’s The Prince Socratic Circle/text review due

6 November First Friday Fun Reading!

*All late work from the past three weeks is due by 4:05.*
9 November Observational essay peer review

Reflection posted online

10 November Hamlet scenes

11 November Hamlet scenes

12 November Poetry Thursday

Frankenstein Quiz #2 (through Chapter 10)
13 November Observational essay and writing portfolio due

16 November Literary Terms Unit 2 quiz

AP MC practice
17 November Hamlet scenes
18 November Frankenstein Quiz #3 (through Chapter 16)
19 November Poetry Thursday

20 November Shakespeare Uncovered

Current Events due

30 November Hamlet scenes

Assign Ophelia Art and Poetry project
1 December Hamlet scenes
2 December Hamlet scenes

Frankenstein quiz #4 (through Chapter 20)
3 December Poetry Thursday

4 December First Friday Fun Reading!

Book Club folder due

*All late work from the past three weeks is due by 4:05.*

7 December Hamlet scenes

8 December AP Exam #2 (Poetry)
9 December Frankenstein Socratic Circle
10 December Frankenstein in-class essay
11 December Ophelia Art and Poetry assignment due
Ophelia Socratic Circle

14 December Renaissance Man

Assign Inquiry Project
15 December Renaissance Man

Exams 4 & 6

16 December Renaissance Man

Exams 2 & 5
17 December Renaissance Man

Exams 1 & 7

18 December Renaissance Man

Exams 3 & 8

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