English II (PowerPoint Noteguide) Preview of Literary Terms 56-60

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English II (PowerPoint Noteguide) Preview of Literary Terms 56-60
56. spatial order: a method of ___________________ that begins at one ______________________ point and moves onward in an orderly fashion
Example of spatial order in writing:

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the design of the Eiffel Tower.

Central Idea: The Eiffel Tower is divided into three sections. Main Points: I. The ________________ section of the tower contains entrance, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

II. The _______________ section of the tower consists of stairs and elevators that lead to the top.

III. The ______________ section of the tower includes an observation deck with a spectacular view of Paris.
Example of spatial order in speech:

A speech organized spatially has main points oriented toward space or a directional pattern. The Farm Aid speech's body could be organized in spatial order. The first main point discusses the __________________ branch of the organization; the second main point discusses the ___________________ branch; the third main point discusses the ________________ branch of Farm Aid. In this format, you discuss main points in an order that could be traced on a _______________.

57. subjunctive: a __________________________ mood of the verb that expresses wishes, commands (in subordinate clauses), and statements that are ______________________________.

Common phrases that use the subjunctive mood:

o “I wish you was/were here.”

o “If I was/were you, then I would not do that.”

o “We should act as if he was/were watching.”

o “It is as though she was/were here.”

Famous examples of subjunctive mood usage:

o “Don't look at me as if I were crazy!” (from the movie The Caine Mutiny—1954)

o “Both bones were porous, as if the virus or causative organism were consuming them.” (from the movie X-Files—1998)

o “There was a man in there who knew exactly what he wanted, and I found myself wishing I were as lucky as he.” (from the movie You've Got Mail—1998)

o “Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown.” (from the song, “You'll Never Walk Alone” sung by Mario Lanza) (RCA Victor) (album released 1991; recorded 1950s)

o Example:

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