English 487 Prof loverman Final Essay Wed 11/26: Moodle by 1155PM: Replies due by 11/29 1155PM

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Wed 11/26: Moodle by 1155PM: Replies due by 11/29 1155PM Argumentative Proposal

Wed 12/3 Conference with professor in ST 812 at assigned time (see Conferences link)

Fri 12/12: FINAL DRAFT DUE uploaded in Moodle prior to 1155pm,

Extra Credit LRC visit w/ proof: 10 extra credit points given ONCE for attending LRC during this essay’s drafting process, but you may go as many times as you need to.

Writing Task: in addition to your ethnography, and the novel Canícula, Select two to four readings from the lists below, and in an essay 7-10 pages (without Works Cited page) in length, argue a meaningful connection you have found between them.

Grounds for discussion could be a theoretical lens that applies to the readings; creating comparisons/contrasts between the novel and ethnography and the readings from lists below; an approach that connects the novel, ethnography and readings to the cultural, economic, historical, personal and other relevant contexts we have studied in Latino/a Literature of the Americas . . . there are numerous possibilities.

  1. Norton Anthology of Latino Literature

  1. José Antonio Villarreal (711)

  2. Piri Thomas (812) "From Down These Mean Streets Alien Turf"

  3. John Rechy "City of Night" (1023 & 1024-1031)

  4. Rudolfo A. Anaya "From Bless Me, Ultima" (1160 & 1169-1186)

  5. Mary Helen Ponce (1219)

  6. Victor Villasenor (1300)

  7. Gloria Anzaldúa "From Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza" (1490-1501)

  8. Ana Castillo "The Mixquiahala Letters"(1978-1982)

  9. Culture Clash (2439)

  10. "From Paula" by Isabel Allende (1478)

  1. Making Face Making Soul:Haciendo Caras

  1. Zamora - "Notes from A Chicana 'Coed'" (131)

  2. Escamill - "Corazón de una anciana (133)

  3. Marín - "Her Rites of Passage" (183)

  4. Gomez - "I Lost It at the Movies" (203)

  5. Viramontes- "'Nopalitos': The Making of Fiction" (291)

Your essay MUST also incorporate research. Your research is intended to give you a starting point (an idea to argue with) or to provide support and/or illustration of the points of your argument. In either case, your thesis is driving the essay, not the combined contentions of other writers. You are required to incorporate a minimum of FOUR to EIGHT outside credible/scholarly critical sources in the text of your essay.
Your Purpose in Writing This Essay:

Demonstrate your ability to look insightfully at a variety of genres within Latino/a Literatures of the Americas.

Argue a significant and meaningful way to interpret these texts.

Present a clear, arguable, and provocative thesis.

Support your argument with clear and appropriate evidence, taken from the texts and from outside critical sources.

Illustrate your ability to correctly interpret critical sources.

Demonstrate knowledge of the rhetorical and argumentative structures in organizing your essay.

Illustrate the proper usage of MLA documentation, in text and in the Works Cited page.

Exercise the skill of writing well-crafted sentences, utilizing standard edited American English.

Argumentative Proposal: Post/Upload to Moodle Wed. 11/26 1155pm & Replies due Sat. 11/29 1155pm.

How do you plan to construct your own argument? Thesis should be at the very top of your proposal. It should be specific, coherent, and well developed, just as your topic should be sufficiently complex and appropriate for this class.

Since your audience will be an academic one, your planning document should follow an accepted academic structure for presenting your claims and your evidence (review "Structure Argument Takes" handout #7 in Projects). 

Task: Discuss the overall topic/concept for your paper and state your position on it so far:

  • Here is one important claim in this ongoing conversation.

  • Here is an opposing claim in this ongoing conversation.

  • Here is what I think is questionable or problematic with some of these claims.

  • Here is my claim in this conversation.

  • Here is what other scholars might say about my claim.

For each item, you will need to provide brief summaries of the evidence you will be weaving into your essay. You will, of course, want your summary of what other scholars think to emphasize the passages most relevant to your own argument.

Manuscript Notes: Your planning document should be detailed and not simply a list of points; three double-spaced pages should suffice. When you quote, use MLA documentation; remember to include an “Annotated Bibliography” list of a minimum of SIX scholarly/credible outsides sources.

Replies: Then read a minimum of TWO other classmate's proposals and respond to each with 3-4 helpful questions or suggestions.

Address your classmates by using his/her full name and in letter format as in Dear_____

If another student already has two posted responses to his/her initial post, please find another student who has none and respond to him/her. We want everyone to get feedback.

By fulfilling this online task in totem you will be counted present, today, otherwise you will be counted absent.
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