English 21: Essay 3 Writing About a Novel Write a 1- 2 page essay on one of these questions. How is the setting important to the theme of the Great Gatsby

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English 21: Essay 3 - Writing About a Novel
Write a 1- 2 page essay on one of these questions.

  1. How is the setting important to the theme of the Great Gatsby.

  2. Discus symbolism in The Great Gatsby.

  3. What is the theme? Back up your argument with incidents from the book.

  4. Discuss the American dream in the Great Gatsby.

  5. Chose a character from the novel, and argue if the character is a good person or a bad person.

Within each element and theme, of course, there are many possible thesis statements. Remember to address both a literary element (plot, setting, tone, symbols) and a theme to focus your thesis statement.

You need two use 2 pieces of secondary research from different sources.

  • Make sure you break up your thesis into the central idea and subtopics.

  • Focus on the thesis.

  • Do not write a plot summary: be careful to present an argument – do not just summarize the novel. If you need ideas.

  • Use examples from the novel to back your points.

  • Make sure it is MLA style. That includes the parenthetical citations and the Works Cited page.

  • Final draft must be 1.5-2 pages.

  • Include copies of the secondary research passages that you quoted or paraphrased.

Peer editing draft due Wednesday November 23. Upload first draft of Essay 1 to Pearson Tutoring, and bring receipt to class. Bring three copies, and make sure they are at least 1 page each.
Final Draft Due Wednesday, November 30
Minimum Criteria (to earn a C or higher):
• Thesis statement. This should be a statement that clearly states Your claim (unifying element and one subtopic). Your thesis should come at the end of the first or the first paragraph.
• Well organized argument with clear and logical paragraphing. This includes how the ideas are divided into paragraphs, the order of the ideas, topic sentences and transitions. Each paragraph should focus on the claim and one subtopic.
o Supporting quotes from the novel itself. These quotations should be properly integrated and cited (same three steps to quoting).
o Correct MLA in-text citation and Works Cited page. See the Hacker Web site or another source for the correct MLA Works Cited page format for the novel (A Book by One Author). You will also need to use the Hacker site for the format of your secondary sources. There is a link to the Hacker site on my Web page, or you can get there by with Google. Use “Hacker MLA.”
o Support from at least two outside sources. These sources can be from one of the library databases or from reliable Internet sites. These sources should also be correctly documented using MLA Style in-text citation and a Works Cited entry.
• MLA Style document formatting. See pages Hacker Web site for how the heading, title, line spacing, and page numbering should be set up. Please use 12-pt font, either Times New Roman or Ariel or another regular font and 1” margins.
• Error Free sentences. At this stage in your writing, your sentences should be free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure you leave enough time to proofread for typos as well.

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