English 151G 1960s Countercultures in Stanford’s Special Collections Professor Adena Spingarn

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Week 5: Hippie Culture

Monday, April 25:

Sally Tomlinson, “Psychedelic Rock Posters: History, Ideas, and Art”

Joan Didion, “The White Album”

Michael Fallon, “A New Paradise for Beatniks,” San Francisco Examiner, Sept. 5, 1965

Wednesday, April 27:

Timothy Leary, “Turning On the World”

Gerald Moore and Larry Schiller, “LSD: The Exploding Threat of the Mind Drug That Got Out of Control,” LIFE magazine, March 26, 1966

Diane di Prima, “The Holidays at Millbrook—1966”
* Response paper due by the start of class: locate a relevant item in Special Collections and write a 1-page (single-spaced) response that: a) briefly explains how you found the selected item and why you chose it, b) substantively connects it to the week’s readings, and c) suggests two research questions that might come from it.

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