English 12 Syllabus Ms. Andrusko

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English 12 Syllabus

Ms. Andrusko



In part A of English 12, students will learn about critical lenses. These lenses include: cultural, gender, economic, psychological, and archetypal. Through these lenses, students will analyze short stories and poems, write a personal narrative, write reader response entries and a literary analysis paper.

Students will read A Doll’s House, which focuses on the gender lens. They will also read Hamlet and apply the lenses to the text. Students will then read The Things They Carried. During this novel, students will apply the lenses to the text, research the Vietnam War and related topics, and write a short literary analysis paper.

Learning Targets – What do you need to learn???

Unit 1 Learning Targets

Lesson 1: Introduction to Critical Lenses

Target 1. Distinguish between the seven critical lenses: archetype (4 types), formalist,

gender, economic, psychological, cultural, and biographical.

Target 2. Demonstrate your knowledge of the lenses through quote analysis.

Lesson 2: Romantic Archetype

Target 3. Explain the Romantic Archetype lens.

Target 4. Identify the elements of the Romance archetype in a work of literature.

Lesson 3: Tragic Archetype

Target 5. Explain the Tragic Archetype lens.

Target 6. Identify the elements of the Tragic Archetype in a work of literature.

Target 7. Identify the elements of the Tragic Archetype in a work by Shakespeare


Target 8. Comprehend the characters within a play and how they affect the action of the play.

Target 9. Explain how quotes in Shakespeare are significant to the play.

Lesson 4: Comedy/ Satire/Irony Archetype

Target 10. Explain the Comedy Archetype lens.

Target 11. Identify the elements of the Comedy Archetype in a storyboard.

Target 12. Identify the elements of the Comedy Archetype in a work of literature.

Target 13. Distinguish tone and its effect on a work of literature.

Target 14. Explain the Satire Archetype lens.

Target 15. Identify the elements of the Satire Archetype in a work of literature.

Target 16. Explain the Irony Archetype lens.

Target 17. Identify the elements of the Irony Archetype in a work of literature.

Unit 2 Learning Targets

Lesson 5: Formalism

Target 18. Explain the Formalist lens.

Target 19. Identify the elements of the Formalist lens in a work of literature (Poetry and Short


Unit 3 Learning Targets

Lesson 6: Lenses of Power (Economic, Gender, and Cultural Lenses)

Target 20. Explain the lenses of power (Economic, Gender, and Cultural).

Target 21. Identify the elements of power in The Doll’s House through writing.

Target 22. Discuss the elements of power in The Doll’s House through seminar.

Unit 4 Learning Targets

Lesson 7: Psychological Lens

Target 23. Explain the Psychological and Historical Lenses.

Target 24. Respond to literature using details from a text.

Target 25. Edit and proofread with attention to Standard English convention.

Target 26. Find and use details in a text to support a thesis or main idea.

Target 27. Choose and focus a topic for a literary analysis.

Materials: Grading Policy:

Spiral college-ruled notebook Grades will be divided into the following categories:

Pen/pencil District CSA 10%

Folder/Binder Formative Assessments/Daily work 20%

Post-it notes (any size) for annotations Speaking Summative Assessments 20%

Reading Summative Assessments 20%

Writing Summative Assessments 30%

Grades will be assigned on the following scale:

B+ 87-89% C+ 77-79% D+ 67-69%

A 93-100% B 83-86% C 73-76% D 63-66%

A- 90-92% B- 80-82% C- 70-72% D- 60-62%

Other items of interest:

Due dates will be distinguished from deadlines.

  • Due dates are the dates work is due for full credit.

  • Deadlines are the final date work can be submitted with a deduction of 10%.

  • Work submitted after the deadline will receive a deduction of 50% for formative assessments, and up to 30% for summative assessments.

  • All electronic devices are to be off and out of sight during class. Within reason, you will be allowed to use them at the end of the class period (last 5 minutes). We may use them from time to time on a variety of assignments.

  • Grades will be posted on A-H Connect and updated weekly. I will hand out print-outs periodically. Your responsibility is to know how to use AH Connect and keep your email account up-to-date.

  • The uses of a cell phone/unauthorized electronic device during a period where an assessment is given (test/quiz, etc.) will be considered cheating regardless of the intention, resulting in a zero for the assessment and referral to the office for possible disciplinary action.

  • Plagiarism or any type of academic dishonesty will result in a zero. (Claiming to not know how to properly credit a source is NOT a viable excuse.)

  • I am always available before or after school to discuss any issue. Please be respectful and communicate AHEAD of time any issues you have and we can schedule a time that fits both you and I.

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