English 101 Composition I course # 23398 Section 101 Spring 2011 3 Credits Great Basin College Instructor

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English 101 Composition I

Course # 23398 Section 101

Spring 2011

3 Credits
Great Basin College

Instructor: Doris Bessett

Email: dorisbessett@sbcglobal.net or dorisb@gwmail.gbcnv.edu
Course Description:

English 101 is a course designed to instruct students in proper writing skills and format to enhance effective communication. Students will read a variety of essays written by professionals to use as models for their own work, create various types of essays using MLA format, organize their work, and practice editing skills. Sentence structure, paragraph structure, and essay format as well as grammar and punctuation will be reviewed. All work will meet American Standard English requirements.

Students will read, analyze, and write nine styles of essays:

  • Narrative

  • Descriptive

  • Exemplification

  • Process

  • Comparison/Contrast

  • Cause and Effect

  • Classification/Division

  • Definition

  • Argumentation

The reading will consist of sample essays written by established authors as well as

those written by students. Students will analyze these examples for their literary qualities and also use them as models for their own writing.

The essays must all be written in MLA (Modern Language Association) format. Seven of the nine will require research and documentation to verify students’ points of view. A minimum of three sources is required for six essays, and a minimum of five sources is needed for the seventh. The format consists of 12 point font, double spacing, one inch margins, and standard white paper. Please present work that is neat, carefully proofread, and attractively presented.
The American Standard English requires students to use proper sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Errors in any of these areas can cause misinterpretation by the reader. Therefore, in order to communicate effectively, the writer must apply these standards. The use of slang, jargon, clichés, contractions, and vague terminology is also inappropriate.

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