Engineering An Empire: Carthage

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Engineering An Empire:

*Carthage is in modern day Tunisia near the capital city of Tunis in North Africa.
*Carthage dominated the Mediterranean world for over 600 years.
*Roots in Phoenicians…4th century BC Empire dominating the Mediterranean.
*By 650 BC nobody messes with Carthage who were wealthy. (Population 300,000)
*For two centuries Carthage dominated the Mediterranean. But a rival across

the sea to the north was developing into a military power…Rome.
Start @ 15:30 into film.

  1. Why are Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily?

*Rome saw Carthage as a spear pointed right at the heart of Rome that had to be taken out.

*Punic Wars named after the Latin word Punici = Rome’s word for the Phoenicians.

  1. How do the Romans acquire Sicily?

  1. Who was Hamilcar Barca?

  1. How was a Quinquereme different from a Trireme?

  1. How did the Romans improve their navy?

  1. In the battle over the Aegates, why were the outnumbered Romans able to defeat the Carthaginians?

  1. How did this effect Hamilcar’s forces in Sicily?

  1. What did Rome gain in the victory?

*Rome required Carthage pay a huge tribute in attempt to cripple it.

  1. Carthage turned to _______________ to amass wealth.

  1. What happened to Hamilcar in the battle for Rome?

  1. Who was Hannibal Barca?

  1. Describe the force that Hannibal marched to Rome with in 218 BC:

  1. How did the Gauls respond to Hannibal’s army after they crossed the Rhone?

  1. What happened in Cannae?

  1. How long did Hannibal continue his fight in Rome?

  1. How did Rome change the war in 204 BC?

  1. The Roman commander Scipio Africanus (the Elder) defeats Hannibal in 202 BC in _____________.

  1. Carthage loses the 2nd Punic War and has to pay Rome. What do they have to pay?

  1. What starts the 3rd Punic War (149 BC)?

Skip to 39:50 in the film.

  1. What did Carthage do to build a new defensive force?

  1. What did Scipio Aemilianus (the Younger) order be done to the city of Carthage?

  1. What happened to the population of Carthage?

*The rising Roman Empire now controls the southern Mediterranean.

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