Eng iii/ap english Language and Composition Syllabus (Tentative)

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Speaking and Listening:

  • Group Seminars/Discussions

  • Debates

  • Online Discussion/Blogs

Quizzes and Tests:


  • Artwork

  • Photographs

  • Video

  • Political Cartoons

Grading System
Essays/Compositions=30% - This course stresses writing that is both critical and analytical. Students will participate in a variety of writing assignments with many being in response to the literature that we read.
Tests= 30% - Tests consist of either multiple choice questions based on rhetorical and literary concepts and their functions in the literature we read OR short answer questions where the students respond to and analyze the aforementioned concepts in the literature we read.
Quizzes=25% - Quizzes are used to assess understanding of reading assignments and vocabulary. Vocabulary quizzes are given on a weekly basis.
Daily assignments and Reading Journals=15% - Assignments that are completed on a daily basis can consists of rough drafts, outlines, vocabulary exercises, reading passage analysis, and focus writing. Each student will keep a reading response journal for the major works that we read for the class.

Overview Of the Year

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