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William Weightman (Billy) Enecks, 1844-1916

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William Weightman (Billy) Enecks, 1844-1916

William Wightman Enecks, the oldest son of W. R. and Mary Oswald Enecks, fought in the Civil War and letters he wrote home from the front are still preserved. He was wounded and the story is told that when he returned home and his uniform was removed, it was so stiff with blood that the pants stood alone. He married his first cousin, Melissa Independence Enicks, from Barnwell District, SC. Soon after their son was born, Thomas Llewellyn Enecks 2nd, Melissa died and Uncle Billy later married Anna Jane Rahn of Springfield, Effingham Co. Ga. and they had two children that died as infants and one daughter, Lucie.

A note written by mother (Floerl) states that Billy was too young to enlist for the Civil War, but did so anyway. (He was 17 in 1861.) The Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Ga, Vol. III, lists him as a private, May 9, 1862, surrendered, Greensboro, N.C. on Apr. 26, 1865. Brown Light Infantry (I never heard of his being a prisoner, and I think he was relieved from duty by the volunteering of his younger brother, Bob, before 1965.)

Several letters Billy wrote home while at war are preserved in the Archives Library at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, and I have copies. There is also correspondence concerning arrangements for Bob to take his place so that he could come home, of which I have copies. Zan

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