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Thomas Llewellyn Enecks, 1st, 1807-1843

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Thomas Llewellyn Enecks, 1st, 1807-1843

"Thomas, who married Miss Mckinzie, died about fifty-eight years ago, leaving the wife and four little children, one boy and three girls, but all, married and single, have since died, the widow and mother the first day of this last December, leaving not a descendant except one grandson whom I reared from infancy, and who lives in a stones throw of my old shanty, and the author of those one or two letters of Miss Mamie Bradley some time back. His name is Enecks because both of his Grandfathers were Enecks, and own brothers, and his father and mother first cousins."

From Kate Enecks letter to S. W. Bradley, 1902

(The grandson she mentioned was Thomas Llewellyn Enecks 2nd)

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