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Colonel Tarlton Brown, 1757

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Colonel Tarlton Brown, 1757

Tarlton Brown was "born April 5, 1757 in Albemarle County, Virginia, the son of William and Sarah Brown. Moved with parents to South Carolina in 1769. Planter at Boiling Springs. Married first Amelia Matthews; second, Mrs. Judith (O'Bannon) Cook, widow of Wilson Cook.. Served in Revolution under Capt. William Harden; private, 1776; lieutenant, 1778; captain, 1781; Coroner, 1788; sheriff, 1789- 1790. S.C. House of Representatives, 1792-1798. Trustee for establishing public schools in Orangeburgh District, 1798; S.C. Senate 1798-1799; sheriff, Barnwell District, 1800-1803. Author of Memoirs of Tarlton Brown, one of the few firsthand accounts of the Revolution. Died Sept. 4, 1845, in Barnwell District; buried in cemetery at Boiling Springs on land given by him for a church.”

Taken from "County Offices and Officers of Barnwell Co., S.C. 1775-1975" , p36-37

Colonel Tarlton Brown was the son of William Brown of Virginia and brother of Olinda Brown Bradley who was the mother of William Enick's wife, Sarah Duke Bradley. He wrote a small book about his experiences as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, "The Memoirs of Tarlton Brown.", published by the People Press, Barnwell, SC. in 1894. He was a Colonel in the Army and later was a plantation owner in Barnwell District. He is mentioned in land transactions recorded there. An oil portrait of Captain Brown was purchased from his grandchildren in Screven County by children of William R. Enecks and hung in the Enecks home as for many years.

(Tarlton Brown's will was dated June 9, 1843 and recorded in Barnwell Co. Records, SC Sept. 19, 1845)

"I married and settled myself between the Sand Hill and Cedar run Branches, waters of the Lower Three Runs, Barnwell District" (the place was named Fork Mills) "From this place I moved to Boiling Springs, where I have lived and enjoyed fine health many years" "Memoirs of Tarlton Brown" page 28

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