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Ellis Bryan Enecks, 1910-1940

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Ellis Bryan Enecks, 1910-1940

Kildare, Ga. April 3-- Ellis Bryan Enecks, 29, who died in an Atlanta hospital yesterday, will be buried at the Enecks Cemetery near here after services at the grave Thursday afternoon. He succumbed to injuries received in an automobile accident last Thanksgiving Day. The son of the late J.O.A Enecks and Mrs. Lena Bryan Enecks, he had spent most of his life here, moving to Atlanta several years ago.

Surviving besides his mother are three sister, Mrs. J.M. Smith and Mrs. George Conley of Reidsville and Miss Elizabeth Enecks of Blue Springs; and three brothers, Osgood Enecks, Savannah, Will Enecks, Rocky Ford, and Jarrell Enecks, Blue Springs. Services will be conducted by the pastor of Blue Springs Methodist Church, of which he was a member.

Jarrell Enecks was the youngest child of J.O.A Enecks and. Lena Bryan Enecks, was born in 1914 in Screven County, Georgia He never married and lived in his home community near Newington, most of his life. He lived in Atlanta with his mother and siblings for a year or two as a teenager, but they returned to the homeplace where they lived until fire destroyed it. In his last years he lived in Statesboro in an assisted living facility with his sister, Elizabeth Penrose.

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