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Arthur LeGrand Enecks, 1904-1927

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Arthur LeGrand Enecks, 1904-1927

The death of Arthur LeGrand Enecks, which occurred at the hospital in Savannah June 2nd, brought sadness to the hearts of many friends in this county where he was so greatly esteemed. In the home circle, where he was not only son and brother, but looked to as guide and counselor as we", it leaves a vacancy that cannot be fitted.

He had not yet reached his twenty-third birthday, and a bright and useful life seemed to stretch before him, when he was called from its activities. When the young die, then it is that the mystery of death seems greatest. We expect that. the old will pass away, for this is the way of nature--but we cannot understand why bright and useful young life should be taken from us, and then it is that rebellious thoughts rise up against those providences, as we are sometimes pleased to call them. But it is a consolatory thought that in God's eternal plan there is nothing lost--that each life is to fit into a plan somewhere in His universe~-that what to our eyes seems darkness, to Him is light--our sorrow, is happiness in some other sphere--what we call loss here, a gain in the great plan of the Father. As the poet has beautifully expressed it--

"That nothing walks with aimless feet, that not one life shall be destroyed, Or cast as rubbish to the void, when God hath made his pile complete."

We do not know why the young are taken and the old live on, and to our finite minds the threads of fate seem tangled; but we know that the All Father doeth all things well and that He had a use for this boy or he would have been left to friends ~nd loved ones.

LeGrand was a young man of high ideals and noble qualities. In the brief time that was vouchsafed him here, he had shown that, had he lived, he would have fulfilled the fond hopes of his mother and that his life would have been an honor to the memory of his good father who had passed on before him. On account of the death of his father, he was called upon early to assume the responsibilities of life and to meet those duties that do not usually come to boys of his age. But he met them well and manfully, and his mother and the young children trusted him for counsel and advice. The burden did not seem too heavy for him, and he would gladly have carried it on except that in the eternal plan he was called upon to lay it down.

In the old Enecks cemetery, where his father and grandfather have slept in peace these many years, his young body was laid to rest, while his spirit has found a home in that green country, "Where falls no shadow, lies no stain, where those who meet shall part no more, and those long parted meet again"

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. L. E. Pierce, while Rev. Thad Nease, life long friend of the family, spoke words of comfort and cheer over the young form even as he had over those, the noble ancestors around him, whose silent company he had joined.

Sylvania Telephone or Southern Christian Advocate

A. LeGrand Enecks of Oliver, died yesterday morning in a local hospital after an extended illness. Mr. Enecks was the son of the late J.O.A. Enecks. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Lena Enecks; a grandmother, Mrs. Ann Bryan; three sisters, Miss Elizabeth Enecks and Miss Roberta Enecks of Oliver, and Mrs. J. M. Smith of Manassas; four brothers, W.R. Enecks of Rocky Ford, J. O. Enecks of Newington, E. B. Enecks and Jarrell Enecks of Oliver. The remains will betaken by hearse to Oliver this morning, where funeral services and burial will be hald this afternoon at the residence at 3 o'clock. Rev. l. E. Pierce will conduct services. Burial wi" be in the family plot on the plantation. Pall bearers, B. C. Russell, Frank Smith, Victor Heath, Paul Pryor, Thomas W. Evans and John Edwards. Sipple Brothers will handle all arrangements.

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