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Thomas Llewellyn Enecks, 2nd 1873-1935

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Thomas Llewellyn Enecks, 2nd 1873-1935

"Mr. Thomas Llewellyn Enecks, one time a resident of Millen, more recently of Savannah, died last Thursday night at a Savannah hospital, following a few day's illness. He was born near Newington, Ga., sixty- one years ago and spent most of his life there in sight of where he was born. Reared in the days following the war, on one of the old time plantations amid luxury and refinement, he was a typical gentleman of the old school. He was a friend in the truest sense of the word and so long as he had a dollar no friend of his could be needy.

"Surviving him are three children: Miss Kathleen Enecks, Mrs. Grady Marchman and Robert L. Enecks, all of Savannah, and two grandchildren, Llewellyn and Thomas Marchman.

"Funeral services were held at the Baptist church near Newington with interment in the cemetery close by where his wife was buried. Services were conducted by his Millan pastor, the Rev. H. E. Stipe, who paid a beautiful tribute to him." The Millen News, February 21, 1836
"We were saddened last week when the news reached us that our good friend, Mr. T. L. Enecks, had passed away in Savannah. When he lived in Millen he rarely missed a day coming to the office to see us; when he left we missed his visits for he always brought with him an atmosphere of gentleness and sweetness, of courtesy and kindness and, with all, he had a rare conception of the finer things of life. His was a soul attuned with God, but in sympathy with man. Some months ago he said one day that there were a number of things that he wanted to tell me so that when he passed on I might write something about him.. He failed to tell me the things that he wanted to tell me but he told me during the years of our acquaintance enough that I need know nothing else to be able to say that I never knew a finer gentleman. I wish that I were gifted enough to pay him the tribute he deserves, for his presence was an inspiration and his prayers a benediction. A friend has preceded us; his place will not be filled, but his passing was just a happy exchange from this world, where change we battle, for existence in that peaceful home over there

"All that remains for me to say to my friend is goodbye, as we have so often said in the days that are gone, not to return, but thou hast but wrapped thy mantle around thee and taken thy light to shine amid the stars while we remain to work and struggle, that our light, too, may some day be bright enough to join the light that shines forever. Associate editor, Millen News

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