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Thomas Jefferson (Page) Enecks, 1852-1929

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Thomas Jefferson (Page) Enecks, 1852-1929

He was listed in 1910 census of GMD 1676 as living in household #91 - head of house, Catherine Enecks

The paragraph below was taken from a column, submitted to the Sylvania Telephone by Kate Enecks, a friend of the family.

"The last of the older set of the Enecks family passed away in the death of Mr. T .J. (Page) Enecks last week at his home near Newington. They have been a notable family in our county--pioneers in a sense, and all of them honest and God-fearing men. They had their peculiarities as a family--they were all fond of talking and good conversationalists, but among them all one trait stood out preeminently and was known to all, and that was that they never owed a man a cent that they did not pay. ……… And so this, the last of them, is gone after waiting patiently for many months and never dreading but looking gladly for the end to come. And to write of all of them as we have is to write of him, for they were all alike in honesty and righteousness.

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