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Anna Sarah Christie Enecks, 1853-1892

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Anna Sarah Christie Enecks, 1853-1892

Anna was the daughter of Julia Weitman and Robert Christie who lived in Effingham County. Her mother, Julia, was a direct descendant of Salzburgers who arrived in Georgia in the 1740s and had lived in the area continuously from that time. Her father's ancestors came from Scotland. He owned a sawmill and made his living cutting timber. Anna married J.O.A Enecks in 1880, age 27. She was married 12 years, had three children, and died in 1892 at the age of 39.

Irene Louisa Christie Enecks, 1855-1898

Mrs. Irene L. Enecks, nee Christie, was born April 3, 1855, in Effingham County, Ga., and died at her home in Enecks, Screven County, Ga., September 7, 1898. She was happily married to J.O.A. Enecks, November 13, 1892. She was converted and united with the M.E. Church, South, under the pastorate of Rev. J. S. Jordan, August 12, 1875, of which she remained a faithful and consistent member until she departed to join the triumphant church above.. A most unselfish Christian, she lived to help and bless others. She administered to others "in the name of a disciple" and has gone to receive the reward of a disciple. She leaves a devoted husband, one child of her own, three stepchildren, other relatives, and many friends who miss her much here, but they expect after a while to join her in the eternal home of the good.

J. B. Griner- Wesleyan Christian Advocate Oct. 12, 1898

Since her sister, Anna had married Colonel Enecks in 1880, Irene had spent much time in their home helping take care of the babies. When Anna died in 1892 she was by her side and promised that she would take care of the three children. Later that year she wrote a letter to her brother, Cuthbert Christie, in Savannah?? which reveals how difficult she was finding it to keep her promise. For the sake of appearances, it was necessary to find a chaperone to stay in the Enecks home.. For this reason, at least in part, Irene agreed to marry Colonel only four months after Anna died. She wrote letter below to her brother, Cuthbert, explaining this situation. Zan

Enecks, Oct 11, 1892

My dear Cuthbert and Carrie,

Please do not think hard of me for not answering you before this. I suppose You know that I am with the children again. Helen taken fever and was real sick. Col. telegraphed for me to come, that he would meet me at Oliver, so we came through Macon instead of Savannah. May is staying this week with me. When she goes back I am going for Ida Parson. She will stay as long as I want her to.

Dear Cuthbert and Carrie, I promised sister Anna more than once before she was taken sick that I would stay with the children and raise them if anything happened to her. It was really her request then and after she got so low that no one could understand what she wanted to say. I heard her say "hear?? to sister" so many times but could not understand what she was saying. I guessed one request was for me to be with the children, so I promised her that I would stay and raise them. That was the last thing that was said or promised her.

Now, what do you think of my marrying Col. I am sure that he will be kind and do for me all that he can. He is going to Savannah next Thursday 1 3 on the South Bound and is anxious to see you. If he gets through, will come back that evening, if not, will come out on the boat next day. Please write me soon. col's father is very anxious for him to be married at his house as he is too feeble to go to Savannah, where I would like it to be with you if you did not object, and I do not think you would.

When May goes back I'm going to send for Frank to come up here. I have not time to write any more. My love to all of you and Mrs. Hattie and your mother. Lovingly, Irene

This letter was written in October and one month later, Nov. 12, 1892, she and Colonel were married. She was 37 years old. Their only child, Anna Floerl Enecks, was born a year later, Oct. 16, 1893. Irene died five years later at the age of 43. Zan

The 1880 census shows that Irene Christie, white female, teaches school, age 24, born, Ga, boarder in household of Benjamin A. Porter family.

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