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Catherine (Kate) Eliza Enecks, 1842-1922

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Catherine (Kate) Eliza Enecks, 1842-1922

"Kate was the neighborhood oracle; her wisdom, her kindness, her gentle counsel, never failed, and back of her stood her family, a solid phalanx of uprightness and godliness, whose influence in that county shall never die ….. Kate and Mollie made their own clothes, dresses much like the popular dirndl of today, straight, tight little bodices sewed on to full circular skirts. They saved their basting threads and used them again and again. Their summer dresses were made of unbleached homespun, buttoned with little pearl buttons. The button holes were miracles of beauty…… When Sherman himself had ridden down that road, Kate Enecks, a slender, lively girl, stood boldly by the road to watch him pass; he called her to him and gave her his broken guitar. She treasured it until she died; wrapped in faded silk, it found a place in her attic ……….Miss Kate was post-mistress; the post office was in her own dining room……….. I am the proud owner of Kate's famous scrap book, given me by young Tom before he died two or three years ago"

Excerpt from letter by Kate Laffitte published in Sylvania Telephone,1939

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