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Sarah Emily Enicks Boykin 1815-1859

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Sarah Emily Enicks Boykin 1815-1859

" Sarah, grandmother's only daughter to live to womanhood, and who married Mr. Boykin, has been dead ever since 1859, and her husband the year before, but they left seven children, five now living, (all married save two) and lots of grandchildren. Some of the latter fine young fellows, editors of newspapers, book-keepers, farmers, etc."

From Kate Enecks letter to S. W. Bradley, 1902 ---

.."Mrs. Sara Boykin died in Screven County, Georgia, Jan. 31, 1860, aged about 38 years …. joined M.E. Church in her 16th year at Binnaker's Campground in South Carolina. After the death of her husband two years ago she had the care of seven children..."

From Marriage & Death Notices, Southern Christian Advocate, (in Brent Holcomb, Vol 1, 1837-1860...

(Mrs. Lucy Lee, a descendant of Sarah who lives in Sylvania, Ga, told me that Emaline Boykin was the oldest daughter of Sarah E. Boykin. Wesley Lee of Screven County, is her son or grandson. His children were Lucille Slater, J. W. Lee, Margaret Parker, and Evelyn, who married Willie D. Newton. Mother, (Floerl) knew these people as she was growing up. Zan )

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