Enchanted Islands

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Welcome to Galapagos Islands
The “Enchanted Islands” of Galapagos are found in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles west of Ecuador. Made famous by the studies of Charles Darwin that became his “Theory of Evolution,” the

volcanic islands of Galapagos have been declared a National Park of Ecuador and the second largest Marine Reserve in the world, with many wonders to discover, both on land and underwater. The Galapagos Islands National Park features an amazing diversity of indigenous animals, many endemic, which are unusually tame due to lack of predation and many years of protection. This protection must continue to preserve the uniqueness of Galapagos for future generations.

Galapagos is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Guests will have the opportunity to dive with playful Sea Lions, travel to the famous Darwin and Wolf for thrilling diving to see Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, clouds of Tuna and much more. The scenic view of the Darwin Arch is as picturesque as you can imagine.
The itinerary is extremely exiting because of the new areas the yacht will be exploring: Roca Redona, Puenta Vicente Roca (Isabela island) and Pinta Island. The Galapagos itinerary is controlled by the National Park who grants approval for normal itineraries and accepts requests for special itineraries.
Guests will depart the boat for a land excursion to the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island to see tortoises, lava tubes, pit craters and the Scalesia Forest. Guests will enjoy lunch in the town of Puerto Ayora at a local restaurant (the only meal not included in the cruise) and will have time for shopping. Guests can also visit Fausto Llerena, a tortoise-breeding centre and the Charles Darwin Research Station. Wednesday afternoon, guests will return to the yachts for a cocktail party and dinner. The yacht will then depart for San Cristobal for a Thursday am departure. The National Parks Service has prohibited night diving in Galapagos due to extreme conditions on most sites. Beginner divers may find Galapagos diving challenging.

The Galapagos Aggressor offers a new itinerary in compliance with the Galapagos National Park regulations which requires companies with permits to choose either land excursions or diving (there are no permits offering both). A maximum of three dives will be offered daily; two in the morning and one in the afternoon. New diving areas have been added to the itinerary: Punta Carrion (Santa Cruz) and Punta Vicente Roca (Isabela Island). The yacht continues to dive Cousins Rock but will no longer dive Gordon Rocks or Seymour Island due to park regulations. The Galapagos itinerary is controlled by the National Park who grants approval for normal itineraries and accepts requests for special itineraries.

12 February 2014: Arrive Guayaquil and transferred to Obo Verde Hotel for 1 night bed & breakfast

13 February: Internal flight to San Cristobal for afternoon Boarding, Welcome, and Orientation Dive

at Isla Lobos

14 February: Morning dive at Punta Carrion (Santa Cruz Island), Afternoon dive Cousins Rock

15 February: Morning and Afternoon dive at Wolf

16 February: Morning and Afternoon dive at Darwin

17 February: Morning dives at Punta Vicente Roca/Isabela Island.

18 February: Morning and afternoon dives at Cabo Marshall/Isabela Island.

19 February: Wednesday morning the Galapagos Aggressor will arrive Itabaca Chanel, Santa Cruz at 6 am. Guests will disembark after breakfast by panga at 8 am from to go ashore. A private bus will take everyone for a tour to see the beautiful Highlands of Santa Cruz Island. This will include Los Gemelos (The Twins, two enormous sinkholes), Scalesia Forest for a scenic view over Santa Cruz, a Tortoise Reserve to see giant tortoises, and Lava Tubes. You return to Puerto Ayora for 1 pm, at which time guests will board the yacht to have lunch onboard. In the afternoon guests disembark again for a walk through town, shopping and to visit the tortoise-breeding center Fausto Llerena at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Guests will have dinner ashore at a local restaurant of their choice (the only meal not included in the cruise). The Galapagos Aggressor depart from Puerto Ayora to San Cristobal at 10 pm.

20 February: After a full breakfast, check out is at 8 am. Guests will then be transported to the San Cristobal Airport for internal flight to Guayaquil. Transferred to Obo Verde Hotel for 1 night bed & breakfast

21 February: After breakfast transfer to airport for return journey home or alternative land arrangements


The diving in Galapagos can be strenuous, due to its currents and surge, varying water temperatures, limited visibility, and diving from dinghies. The trip is recommended for intermediate and advanced divers.

The primary attraction in Galapagos is the large pelagics such as schooling Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, Mola Molas and Whale sharks. Occasionally, there is sighting of Whales, Marlin, Dolphins and Orcas. You will see a rare combination of warm and coldwater creatures including Sea Lions, Mantas, Penguins, Flightless Cormorants, Rays, Turtles, Moray Eels, and enormous schools of unusual fish. Many of the marine creatures are found nowhere else on earth!

The best diving around the Galapagos Islands is made possible through the use of dinghies (or inflatable’s)..

Top Dive Sites - Galapagos Islands

galapagos dive map

Darwin Island

1 to 3 knot current; 40 ft. - 90 ft. dive with Schooling Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Galapagos Sharks, Eagle Rays, Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles and Whale Sharks.

Darwin's Archhttp://www.aggressor.com/ckfinder/userfiles/images/galapagos/hotub-arch.jpg

Darwin's Arch sits above the surface on a wide, flat plateau (rock platform), just off the southern end of Darwin Island. Darwin Island (also named Culpepper), is named in honour of Charles Darwin, and is among the smallest in the Galapagos Archipelago. It is the northernmost island in the archipelago and offers incredible diving along with its nearby neighbour of Wolf Island. It is the remains of an extinct volcano that reaches 165 meters above sea level, is not open to land visits and is believed to be 4 million years old. The marine life at Darwin is diverse with large schools of fish. The island’s waters attract Whale Sharks from June to November when the presence of the Humboldt Current is the strongest, as well as Hammerhead, Galapagos, Silky and Blacktip sharks and Green Turtles, Manta rays and dolphins. The island also supports a large bird population of Frigate Birds, Red-footed Booby birds and the Vampire Finch.

Pinta Island

Punta Vicente Roca (Isabela Island): Moderate to strong current; 40 - 90 ft with Sponges, Octopi, Red-lipped Batfish, Mola Molas, Sea Turtles, Schools of Angel Fish, Trumpet Fish, Sea Lions, Hammerheads, Large schools of Barracuda, Mobula Rays and numerous other species of rays.

Roca Redonda: Moderate to strong current; 40 ft - 90 ft dive with Sea Lions, Scallopped Hammerheads, Yellow-tailed Surgeon Fish, Snappers, Amberjacks, Pacific Barracudas, Tunas, Scorpion Fish, Rays, Galapagos Grunts and Whale Sharks.

Santa Cruz Island, Plazas: Sandy bottom; no current Shallow dive with Sea Loins

Santa Cruz, Rocas Gordon: 1 to 2 knot current; 40 ft. - 100 ft. dive with Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, White Tipped Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Eagle Rays, Golden Rays, Green Turtles and Sea Lions.

Santiago Island, Cousin’s: 40 ft. - 100 ft. dive Eagle Rays, Jacks, Sea Lions, Green Turtles and Hammerhead Sharks.

Wolf Island: 1 to 3 knot current; 40 ft. - 90 ft dive with Schooling Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Galapagos Sharks, Eagle Rays, Green Turtles, Sea Lions and Fur Seals.

Galapagos Scuba Diving Environment

• December - May: The water is warmer, clearer 70-86F, 21-30C; Larger schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays and Eagle Rays.

Galapagos Aggressor

All staterooms are air conditioned and fitted with private toilets, showers, sinks, and hair dryers. Linens are changed mid-week and fresh towels are placed in each stateroom as needed.

Breakfast (cooked to order), buffet lunch and an elegant chef prepared meal at dinner with tableside service are served in addition to fresh mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are complimentary while onboard
The Yacht

The Galapagos Aggressors is a 30 mtr yacht built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. It is diesel powered, cruises at an average speed of 10 knots and have 110 and 220 volt power onboard. Comfortable accommodations include four deluxe cabins which have two twin beds and three port holes and four master cabins with a queen bed (which can be modified to 2 twin beds) and a large window. Each cabin has a private toilet, shower, hair dryer, TV/DVD, stereo CD player, temperature controls and safe storage box.

galapagos aggressor deluxe cabin

kona aggressor quad cabin

Each with 2 single beds side by side that can be made into a queen bed, (upon request) private head and shower, closet, port window, individual climate control and hair dryer.

Each with two lower single beds (side by side) with private head and shower, individual climate control and TV/DVD.

The Galapagos Aggressor sleeps 16 guests in privacy and comfort and have beautiful spacious salons, large sun decks with shading, chaise lounges and deck chairs, bar, grill, hot tub, and a complete photo/video centre. The onboard video format is both NTSC and PAL.


Email is available onboard through the satellite system. There is a charge for incoming and outgoing email. Private calls may be made from the yacht by satellite phone.


The menu aboard is varied and plentiful, with barbecues and local cuisine. You will wake up to fresh fruits, hot entrees, cereals and juices.

Lunches are buffet-style, featuring hot soups, homemade breads, salads and sandwiches and/or entrees.

Dinners are chef prepared and served each evening and include salads, vegetables, seafood, beef or chicken with a fresh homemade dessert.


The Aggressor’s selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, coffee, and a limited selection of local beer and wine, which are complimentary. Due to the high duty charged on liquor, we suggest you bring your favourite brand. Due to local regulations, the bar will be closed while the yacht is in port. Drinking and diving do not mix. Once you consume alcohol, you become a snorkeler until the next day.


Price £4,449 (per person)

Includes international & domestic flights, transfers, 2 nts B & B Guayaquil, 7 nts Full Board Galapagos Aggressor inc all diving inc tanks & weights, land excursions as described.

Fees & Taxes (per person)

The following taxes and fees are charged during your trip to Galapagos:

$100 Galapagos Park Entry fee (cash only)

$10 Galapagos Visitors Card (cash only)

12% Sales tax on all onboard servicesdest_indonesia_maratua-05
photo: whale shark with small fish

hammerhead sharksz010

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