EN360 Ben Jonson in Context: Week-by-Week Readings

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EN360 Ben Jonson in Context: Week-by-Week Readings

The coursebooks will be Oxford World's Classics Ben Jonson: Five Plays (ed. G. A. Wilkes; Oxford 1981; reissued 2009) and the Delphi Kindle edition of The Complete Works of Ben Jonson. Students may also wish to purchase the New Mermaid Epicoene (ed. Holdsworth), used from £0.16, and the New Mermaid or Revels Eastward Ho!. You can also get a Carcanet Epigrams and The Forest (ed. Dutton).

Each week there will be short additional readings to help you understand the primary material in its context. It is my expectation that you will come to class having read at least one, and usually two of them. Consistent failure to do so will prejudice your ability to answer the assessment questions and will incur my (just) wrath.

WUL: ebook in or journal available through Warwick University Library

CoEx: Course extract on the course extracts page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/library/electronicresources/extracts/en/.

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