Empowered 34,590 individuals and families in 2012 to live more fulfilling lives

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WE The Family Counseling Center

empowered 4,000 individuals and families
To live more fulfilling lives by overcoming the ups and downs of marriage, divorce, parent- child conflicts, child behavior issues, death of a loved one, chronic illness, domestic violence abuse and addictions.

  • END (Establishing Non-Violent Directions), a court mandated anger management/domestic violence intervention program, gave 72 women the tools needed to control their anger, choose healthier relationships and grow into better mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.

  • CCW D (Children Coping With Divorce), a court mandated educational program for parents going through divorce, educated 468 parents on how to co-parent their children through this difficult transition.

  • Rollercoasters, an educational group for children affected by divorce, offered 7 children an outlet to express their sadness and fears of going through a divorce.

  • Head Start and Early Head Start Mental Health Consultant provided training, information, counseling and guidance to all children, caregivers and staff in Mobile and Washington Counties. 2,588 children, caregivers, and staff received the resources to create a positive environment where children can grow and thrive.

  • JAM (Juvenile Anger Management), an anger management group for high risk youth, taught 76 boys and girls and their parents how to recognize what makes them angry, how to talk to others when angry and how to engage in positive behaviors.

  • 560 community members received Individual and Family Counseling for family struggles with child behavior issues, rape, domestic violence, addictions, grief and other life adjustment problems.

Counselors and Family Advocate empowered 753 children and their families, and community members

To live more fulfilling lives by beginning the healing process from child sexual and/or severe physical abuse and to prevent abuse in the future.

  • 3 therapists counseled 249 children and their families through 1,502 sessions.

Children and their families have a safe space to express their sadness, anger and

grief in dealing with their abuse.

  • CAC staff supported and encouraged 94 children and their families through the criminal proceedings.

  • The Family Advocate completed 378 sessions.

  • CAC staff educated 255 people in the community about child sexual abuse.


STRONGER Consumer Credit Counseling Service

empowered 2,086 individuals and families
To live more fulfilling lives by overcoming the stress of debt and building financially stable lives.

  • 1,323 individuals and families gained the knowledge and skills needed to manage their household finances through individual sessions.

  • 82 workshops with 763 in attendance were offered on consumer education.

COMMUNITIES Outreach and Education Programs

United Way 211 and the Rape Crisis Center empowered

27,751 individuals and families

To live more fulfilling lives by providing a compassionate presence for those searching for community assistance programs; providing a listening ear to those contemplating suicide; offering reassurance to sexual assault victims and their victims; and advocating for the prevention of sexual violence throughout the community.

  • Rape Crisis Center provided services to rape victims and their families including hospital services, individual counseling, groups, clothing, transportation, support. 187 rape victims were met at the hospital by a volunteer victim advocate or staff member.

  • 211 provided information and referral to individuals and families needing

assistance. 13,785 callers were given 15,540 referrals.

  • Prevention education in the schools was provided to educate students on a variety of topics including bullying, sexual assault, and healthy relationships. 413 presentations reached 8,893 students in elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the college level in 2012.

Lifelines Counseling Services






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