Em basic- seizures

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Partial (Focal)- involves one hemisphere

-Simple- no loss of consciousness

-Complex- Loss of consciousness

Causes of secondary seizures- AMS differential- AEIOU TIPS
Alcohols/acidosis Trauma/Toxins

Electrolytes Infection

Insulin (too much)/Ischemia Psychiatric/polypharmacy

Oxygen (hypoxia/hypercapnea) Stroke, SAH, space occupying lesion

Uremia (renal failure)
Condensed differential- TINE or NETTI
Trauma/toxins Neurologic

Infection Electrolytes

Neurologic Trauma

Electrolytes Toxins

PEARL­- Remember Todd’s Paralysis. Some patients can have focal neuro deficits after a seizure that can be mistaken for a stroke. Make sure that your stroke patients don’t have a history of preceding seizure- it may make them ineligible for thrombolytics.

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