Elvis 2001 finals by Jesse Garon "Zarathustra"Presley

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By Jesse Garon “Zarathustra”Presley
1. Discovered in 1957, spectroscopy based on this gives information on the electronic and chemical environments of nuclei. It is utilized in nuclear clocks and for testing relativity theory predictions. FTP, what is this recoilless emission of gamma rays from certain crystals, such as FE57?
A: _Mossbauer_ Effect
2. He was Canada’s senior adviser at the Dumbarton Oaks and San Francisco conferences that led to the formation of the United Nations. As minister of external affairs, he was instrumental in the formation of NATO. FTP, who was this diplomat whose work in resolving the 1956 Arab-Israeli war garnered him the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: Lester B. _Pearson_
3. This 1937 novel won the Pulitzer Prize and was dramatized in 1946 by its author and George S. Kaufman. Subtitled A Novel in the Form of a Memoir, it tells of Horatio Willing, a staid character who recounts the life of the conventional and tradition-bound Bostonian who is the title character. FTP, what is this novel by John P. Marquand?
A: The _Late George Apley_
4. 1915, over Philadelphia in 4. 1916, over Philadelphia in 5. 1912, over New York in 8. 1903, over Pittsburgh in 7. FTP, what baseball team is this that started off red-hot, but hasn’t won the World Series since defeating Chicago in 1918, a possible consequence of the Curse of the Bambino?
A: Boston _Red Sox_ (prompt on Boston)
5. In 1835, Bulwer-Lytton wrote a novel about him. Five years later, Richard Wagner wrote his second opera about him. Although he was suddenly a hot topic, he had at that point been dead nearly 500 years. FTP, who was this friend of Petrarch and self-declared tribune who was twice the popular leader of Rome before his 1534 murder, and is considered a forerunner of Italian nationalism?
A: Cola di _Rienzi_ (accept _Rienzo_)
6. It forms in roughly the same manner as dew. However, due to low temperatures, in this phenomenon the water vapor sublimes to solid state, forming crystals on the surface. FTP, what is this type of frost, best known as the delicate patterns seen on windows in Wisconsin in the winter?
A: _hoar_frost
7. His drama essays, collected in Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, both extablished his reputation as a critic and helped revive the popularity of Elizabethan drama. Along with his homicidally insane sister Mary, he wrote a number of books for children, including a notable set of adaptations of Elizabethan plays. FTP, who is this author of Essays of Elia and Tales from Shakespeare?
A: _Charles Lamb_
8. Construction began about 500 AD. By the year 1000, its culture had spread from its Bolivian beginnings into Peru and Chile. Its builders had amazing precision, fitting massive stones together precisely and without mortar, and the inhabitants of the city were unequalled in Pre-Columbian America in the making of ceramics. FTP, what is this pre-Incan ruin and center of an empire, located not far from Lake Titicaca?
A: _Tiahuanaco_
9. The god of silence, the Greeks portrayed him as a boy with a finger in his mouth. One of the solar deities, his emblem was a winged sun disc. FTP, who is this son of Isis and Osiris who in Egypt was represented as a hawk or hawk-headed man?
A: _Horus_
10. It’s rather like something out of Jurassic Park. This creature, extinct since 1936, might be brought back to life through genetic reassembly and cloning from a pup that has been kept in alcohol for over 100 years.. The Rheuben Griffiths Trust was set up to facilitate this project to revive this marsupial which resembles a dog with striped hindquarters. FTP, what is this creature, named after an island south of Australia?
A: _Tasmanian Tiger_ or _Tasmanian Wolf_ (accept _Thylacine_ before ‘island’)
11. Developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s under the influence of the humanistic school of psychology, it was based on the founder’s experiences at his Chicago therapeutic counseling center. One of its prime tenets was that the patient is an equal participant with the therapist in the direction the treatment will take. FTP, what is this form of therapy founded by Carl Rogers?
A: _client-centered_ therapy
12. It’s the number of yard in width of a hockey field. It’s the distance in miles from London to Cambridge. It’s the year BC that Julius Caesar formed the first triumvirate. FTP, what is this number, which is also the atomic number of neodymium?
A:_ 60 _
13. Vincent’s angina is a sore throat produced by infection of the pharynx. Although most often seen in undernourished and debilitated persons, it was quite common among the soldiers in the preantibiotic era. FTP, what more colorful name was given to this disease by the soldiers caught in a stalemate on the Western Front in World War I?
A: _trench mouth_
14. The Dodecanese Islands and Rhodes were ceded to Italy. Turkey renounced sovereignty over Iraq, Palestine and Syria, and the Dardanelles were internationalized. FTP, what is this 1920 treaty that liquidated the Ottoman Empire and essentially annihilated Turkey, but was rejected by Kemal Ataturk and eventually replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne?
A: Treaty of _Sévrés_
15. After being under medical care in Switzerland, the title character returns to Russia to collect an inheritance. He becomes entangled with two women, Aglaya Epanchin and Natasha Filippovna, the latter of whom is murdered by Rogozhin. FTP, what is this 1868 Dostoevsky novel featuring Prince Myshkin?
A: The _Idiot_
16. Known in Britain as a shake, it was one of the most important ornaments of Baroque music. Today it is indicated by several different symbols, one of which is a jagged line and another of which is the first two letters of its more widely-recognized name. FTP, what is this musical ornament consisting of the rapid alternation of two adjacent notes?

A: _Trill_

17. Oddly enough, John Houseman was both in this city of 2 million. When founded in the 1300s, it was known as Dambovita, assuming its modern name a hundred years later when it became the residence of the Wallachian princes. It was the headquarters of the Cominform from 1948-1956. FTP, what is this largest city of Romania?
A: _Bucharest_
18. The leader of this group in recent statements called for his followers to go “beyond forbearance”, which was apparently taken by some as instructions to take extreme steps. That leader, Li Hongzhi, has remained silent about the resulting January 23rd protest in Tianamen Square. FTP, what is this cult, banned in China since 1999, which the Chinese government has blamed for a gruesome fiery group suicide two weeks ago?
A: _Falun Gong_
19. Christopher Wren, 1680-1682. Samuel Pepys, 1684-1686. Humphrey Davy 1820-1827. Thomas Huxley, 1883-1885. Baron Kelvin, 1890-1895. Baron Rayleigh 1905-1908. Ernest Rutherford 1925-1930. FTP, what organization were the men president of during the stated years, along with, most famously, Sir Isaac Newton, 1703-1727.
A: _Royal Society_
20. He shares his first two names with a longtime Senator from Massachusetts. One of his most famous works involved the emotional effect of an African dye plant. A master of the ebonies and ivories, he went on tour with Black, Brown and Beige. FTP, who was this jazz bandleader and composer of Mood Indigo?
A: Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ _Ellington_
21. A nun plays the lute, while a monk and two other men sing. One figure swims next to them with a bowl in his hand. A chicken carcass is lashed to a tree trunk, at the top of which sits an owl; the tree serves as a mast and a broken branch as the rudder. FTP, this describes what painting, now in the Louvre, by Hieronymus Bosch?
A: The _Ship of Fools_
22. Although he voted against secession in the Virginia convention, he joined the Virginia troops and became a Confederate brigadier general after First Bull Run. While he was in all of the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia, he is most notable for defeating Lew Wallace at Monocacy and marching nearly to Washington before being turned back. FTP, don’t be late in identifying this general, prominent at Gettysburg, who was finally defeated by Sheridan and Custer in March 1865.
A: Jubal _Early_
==================================The End======================================================
23. The only member of genus Dionea, it develops from a bulblike rootstock, and at the end of its stem is a round cluster of small, white flowers. Its unusual leaves contain six sensitive hairs which cause them to snap together, as well as glands which produce a red sap which over a period of ten days digests a piece of captured food. FTP, name this plant which dies after eating three or four insects.
A: _Venus’s flytrap_
24. It received its current name in 1799. Towns on it include Summerside, Georgetown and Montague. The Northumberland Strait lies on the south, and Hillsborough Bay nearly divides it in two, while the Gulf of St. Lawrence lies to the north. FTP, what is this province with its capital at Charlottetown?
A: _Prince Edward Island_ or _PEI_
25. One of her daughters was Coyolzauhqui. After being impregnated by a ball of feathers, she was decapitated by her outraged children, though Huitzilopochtili emerged fully armed from her womb to slay many of them. FTP, name this Aztec deity of the stars of the southern sky and the earth who is depicted as a serpent goddess.
A: _Coatlicue_
26. Although US Customs sought to value his sculpture as scrap metal, he successfully sued for tax-free import of abstract art. Studying under Mercié in Paris, he developed a spare and highly radical style as seen in The Kiss and Sleeping Muse. FTP, who is this Romanian-born sculptor of Bird in Space?
A: Constantin _Brancusi_
27. From the Greek for pure, this movement was descended from Gnosticism and Manichaeism. Adherents believed in a dualistic universe and rejected the sacraments and hierarchy of the Christian church. Wiped out in the fifteenth century, FTP, what is this group which includes under its heading the Bogomils and Albigensians?
A: _Cathari_ or _Cathar_


1. Identify the actor who played the title character in the following silent films, F5P each:
(5) The Sheik
A: Rudolph _Valentino_
(5) The Son of the Sheik
A: Rudolph _Valentino_
(5) The Phantom of the Opera
A: Lon _Chaney_ Sr.
(5) Stella Maris
A: Mary _Pickford_
(5) The Black Pirate
A: Douglas _Fairbanks_, Sr.
(5) The Kid and Oliver Twist
A: Jackie _Coogan_

2. (30) For five points each, identify the five nations which border Kazakhstan, and the body of water that forms it southwestern border.

A: _Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the Caspian_ Sea
3. FTP each, identify these Protestant sects.
(10) The American version was founded in 1779 by John Murray
A: _Universalist_ Church or _Universalism_
(10) John Biddle was the English father of this denomination that denies the doctrine of the Trinity.
A: _Unitarian_ Church or _Unitarianism_
(10) The denomination formed in 1957 by the merger of Congregationalist churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
A: _United Church of Christ_

4. Identify the following from the career of Otto von Bismarck, FTP each.

(10) The Kaiser when Bismark first became Chancellor
A: _Wilhelm I_ or _William I_
(10) The former Danish territory annexed in 1864 which was Bismarck’s pretext for expelling Austria from the German confederation.
A: _Schleswig-Holstein_
(10) Bismarck moved Prussia into the dominant position in the German Confederation in this 1866 campaign.
A: _Austro-Prussian_ War or _Seven Weeks’_ War

5. Everyone knows Poe’s The Raven, right? F5P each, fill in the blanks from these two lines:

(5,5) In there stepped a Raven of the ____ days of _____.
A: _saintly_, _yore_
(5,5,5,5) Prophet! said I, _____ of ______! Prophet still, if ____ or _____.
A: _thing_, _evil_, _bird_, _devil_

6. The highly anticipated film Hannibal opens next weekend. Identify the following members of the cast and crew for the stated no. of points:

(5) She takes on the role of Clarice Starling
A: Julianne _Moore_
(5) He is directing the sequel
A: Ridley _Scott_
(10) He plays FBI agent Krendler, intent on ruining Clarice’s career.
A: Ray _Liotta_
(10) He plays Mason Verger, the mutilated madman intent on vengeance against Hannibal Lecter
A: Gary _Oldman_
7. For 5 points each, name the British monarch ruling during the formal unions of the following, and for an additional 10 points each, give the exact year:
(15) England and Wales
A: _Henry VIII_, _1536_
(15) England and Scotland
A: _Anne_, _1707_

8. Identify these parts of the human brain, FTP each.

(10) The neuron-rich membrane above the thalamus and underlying the cerebrum.
A: _Corpus callosum_
(10) The part of the diencephalon that regulates heartbeat, body temperature and fluid balance
A: _hypothalamus_
(10) The three protective sheets that envelope the brain
A: _meninges_

9. A number of highly popular comic books are either coming to an end soon or recently ended. FTP, given the name of the title character, identify the title of the comic.

(10) Jesse Custer
A: _Preacher_
(10) Tommy Monaghan
A: _Hitman_
(10) Nate Grey
A: _X-Man_ (do not accept _Cable_, which is also Nate Grey but is not ending)
10. FTP each, given the first line, identify the opera; you’ll get five points if you also need the composer.
(10) Sur la place chacun passe

For 5 points, Georges Bizet

A: _Carmen_
(10) Zu hilfe! Zu hilfe! Sonst bin ich verloren.

For 5 points, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A: Die _Zauberflöte_ or The _Magic Flute_
(10) Si: corre voci che l’Etiope ardisca Sfidarci ancora

For 5 points, Giuseppe Verdi

A: _Aida_

11. Identify the Russian playwright from the titles, 5-10-15.

(5) The Bear, The Wedding, Ivanov
A: Anton _Chekhov_
(10) A Month in the Country, A Provincial Lady
A: Ivan _Turgenev_
(15) Poverty is no Crime, Easy Money, The Storm
A: _Alexander_ Nikolayevich _Ostrovsky_; prompt on _Ostrovsky to distinguish from Nikolai Ostrovsky

12. For the stated number of points, given the first names of members of a group noted for its close harmony singing, identify the group.

(5) Patty, Maxene and LaVerne
A: _Andrews Sisters_
(10) Phil and Don
A: _Everly Brothers_
(15) Connee, Martha and Helvetia
A: _Boswell Sisters_

13. FTP each, name these instruments originating in the 19th or 20th century.

(10) Possibly the newest widely accepted instrument, this concave-shaped instrument was originally hammered out of an oil barrel and produces varying tones.
A: _steel drum_
(10) Although introduced to the symphonic orchestra in 1844, Berlioz and Bizet are among the few composers who wrote regular parts for this instrument.
A: _saxophone_
(10) Developed in the late 19th century from a Portugese instrument, it has four strings typically tuned to G, C, E and A and a name that means “flea.”
A: _ukuele_

14. Identify whether the following landmarks on the moon are located on the near side or far side, and in the northern or southern hemisphere. Both parts must be right to win points.

(10) Crater Clavius
A: _Near_, _Southern_
(10) Sea of Crises
A: _Near_, _Northern_
(10) Crater Jules Verne
A: _Far_, _Southern_

15. For 5 points each, name the four British daily newspapers with the largest circulation, and for an additional ten points put them in order of highest to lowest circulation.

A.(in order) _Sun_, Daily _Mirror_, Daily _Mail_, Daily _Express_

16. Its’s 2:30 a.m. and I just found the umpteenth Bush Cabinet members bonus that mentions John Ashcroft, Norman Mineta and Elaine Chao. So name the following about the 107th Congress, FTP each.

(10) This man became Senate Majority Leader at the start of the 107th Congress.
A: Tom _Daschle_
(10) This man’s inauguration as President of the Senate on January 20 gave control of the Senate to the Republicans.
A: Richard _Cheney_
(10) This man is now the new - and old -Senate Majority Leader.
A: Trent _Lott_

17. 30-20-10, name the author from the works.

(30) The Green Meadow, The Diary of Alonzo Typer
(20) From Beyond, The Cats of Ulthar
(10) The Doom that came to Sarnath, Dagon, Beyond the Wall of Sleep
A: H.P. _Lovecraft_

18. FTP each, given a year, name the major naval battle that occurred during that year.

(10) 480 BC
A: _Salamis_
(10) 31 BC
A: _Actium_
(10) 1827 AD
A: _Navarino_

19. The first experimental nuclear reaction was conducted in 1919, when nitrogen was exposed to alpha particles from radium. FTP each, what were the two products, and who conducted the experiment?

A: _oxygen_ (_O17_) and _hydrogen_ (_H1_); Ernest _Rutherford_

20. FTP each, identify these terms connected with the use of real estate.

(10) A right to cross the lands of another; it is often granted for purposes of utilities.
A: _easement_
(10) The three-word phrase describing an easement which is granted to a specific person, and the rights to which do not attach to another piece of real estate
A: _easement in gross_
(10) The adjective describing an easement, the right to use which is attached to another piece of real estate.
A: _appurtenant_

21. Identify the historical figure named Gates, 5-10-15

(5) Colonial commander at the Battle of Saratoga
A: _Horatio_
(10) Colonial governor of Virginia 1611-1614; he commanded the expedition which was blown off course that was the basis for Shakespeare’s The Tempest
A: Sir _Thomas_
(15) Also known as ‘Bet-A Million’ Gates, he recognized the need for wire fencing on the prairies and became rich operating the American Steel and Wire Co.
A: _John_ Warne

22. For 5 points each, name any six of the acids involved in the Krebs cycle.

A: _pyruvic, citric, Isocitric, alpha-keto-glutaric, succinic, fumaric, malic, oxaloacetic_)

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