Elizabethan Times Research Project

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Elizabethan Times Research Project

ORCO English II, Winter Trimester

Due Date: December 18th
Your Task:
Create an informative news program about one of the Elizabethan topic offered. Your news program should offer a thorough summary of the topic and be highly informative. It is your responsibility to teach the class about this topic!

  1. Research your topic, taking comprehensive notes

  2. Develop a script

  3. Cast your news program (reporter at the news desk, reporter “in the field” interviewing people, etc.)

  4. Gather your props, set pieces, costumes, etc.

  5. Film your news program, then edit to come up with a neat and clean final version

Class Schedule:

December 7th

Project introduction, divide into groups, choose topics

December 8th

Begin research in the Tech Building Lab

December 9th

Attend performance by two actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

December 10th

Continue research in the Library Computer Lab

December 11th

Continue research in the Library Computer Lab

December 14th

Work on script, casting, prop gathering/creation, filming, editing, etc.

December 15th

Work time

December 16th

Work time

December 17th

Work time

December 18th

Watch videos in class

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