Elizabethan and modern theatre are very much alike” Pro and contra arguments: Pro Contra

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,,Elizabethan and modern theatre are very much alike”
Pro and contra arguments:

Pro Contra

In the giving statement is said that the theatre today and the Elizabethan theatre have many similarities and they are much alike. But in my opinion that isn’t correct.

In our group work lessons I have learned many things about the changes of theatre in past and today. Mainly the changes in the history that makes the theatre today to an amusement event.

Way back in time of Shakespeare a theatre has an other “feeling”, it was more strong than today. For example the theatre was controlled by the believing in god. At this time they want to close the theatre because they thought God doesn’t want to see that the audience have fun.

A day at a theatre was spectacular and more than today, in kind of so called bear-baiting. They used dogs and mastiffs to get a bear und whipping him. On the other side actors present comedies and tragedies.

By contrast with the playwrights of Shakespeare the theatre falls in another gap. It seems to be strictly another thing because Shakespeare had an other approach to casting. When he wrote a play he has the actors in mind and didn’t want any other.

For example he hates actors who stuttered and actors who split up the plot and do their own comedy.

Shine out is that boys played all the women part too. They had to stressed up their voices and play for example Juliet.

Elizabethan plays where performed under small amount of actors and small stages.

The audience had to imagine most of the play as it was meant to be.

And this is the big difference between today and past. Today we have other scene designs and other kind of playing.

Added together I disagree with the giving statement

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