Elizabeth Mark I. Introduction

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Elizabeth Mark

I. Introduction

A. Introductory technique

1. Faithful Christian who showed amazing heroism at Auschwitz

2. Became charity martyr to truth of evils of Nazism

3. Lived what he preached and loved God and man

4. Polish priest who died prisoner 16770 on August 14, 1941

B. Bridge Statement: There is only one person this could be – Maximilian Kolbe

C. Thesis statement: Maximilian Kolbe was a faithful and audacious hero at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

D. Preview/ Transition Statement: When Maximilian was young he wanted to join a monastery and enrich his faith and so that is what he did.

II. Key Idea #1 (Adjective) Faithful

  1. Vision from Blessed Mary- two crowns

1. Ten years old Mary appeared to him

2. Gave him two options…white crown = purity or red crown = martyrdom

3. Mary made a big difference in life and gave him desire to be a priest

B. Friar/Monastery

1. 1907 joined the order of the Friars

2. Adopted the name Maximilian

3. Became chief editor of religious publishing complex

C. Knights of Immaculata

1. Popular religious magazine

2. Forced to stop publishing

3. Proclaimed the word of God throughout the world

III. Key Idea #2 Audacious

A. Asked to be killed

1. Prisoner escaped

2. Ten men were selected to be killed for punishment and one begged not to be

3. Maximilian took his place instead and that man lived fifty-three years longer

B. Camp

1. Shared his food with other starving prisoners

2. Went from bunk to bunk asking people if there was anything he could do from them being as though he was priest

3. Shared with everyone in the thought of prayer

C. Beatings

1. Beat cruelly simply because he was a Catholic priest

2. No one was allowed to help the priests or else the priests would be hit even harder

3. Often beat until unconscious

IV. Key Idea #3 Dauntless Dedicated

A. To spread the word of God

1. Wrote a magazine

2. Travelled the world proclaiming God’s word

3. Prayed and preached to all of the prisoners

4. Even when sick with tuberculosis, preached to everyone

B. Camp

1. Helping people by giving them extra food

2. Dying for a man

3. Hard worker when it came to working in the fields

C. To get rid of difference

1. “The most deadly poison of our time is indifference….”

2. Wanted equality for all people for the sake of all killed

V. Conclusion

A. Review of key ideas: Throughout Maximilian’s life he was constantly faithful and dedicated to what he was doing and along with that he was very bold in his actions.

B. Clinching Statement (strong closing line): Maximilian Kolbe’s heroism echoed through Auschwitz. People said his death was a shock filled with hope bringing new life and strength. Maximilian was truly an inspiration to all mankind. Kolbe once said: “No one in the world can change truth. What we can do and should do is seek it and serve it when it is found.” And that is what he did. Maximilian Kolbe was canonized a saint on October 17, 1971 by Pope John Paul II.

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