Elizabeth King 8-4 March 15, 2009 dracula chapters 20 -21 – Study Guide

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Elizabeth King 8-4 March 15, 2009

Chapters 20 -21 – Study Guide
1. Where are the 21 boxes missing from Carfax taken?

The 21 missing boxes from Carfax were taken to Piccadilly. (pg. 364)

2. What change does Jonathan Harker notice about Mina?

Jonathan Harker notices that Mina is still pale, and it appears that she is thinking in her sleep. (pg. 368)

3. Renfield says that he wants life from other beings, but he does not want something else. What is it he does not want?

Renfield says that he does not want souls. (pg. 369)

4. Dr. Seward notices that twice Renfield stops himself before uttering a specific word. What word is it?

The word that Renfield stops himself from saying is drink or drinking. (pg. 368-374)

5. After Dr. Seward leaves Renfield, what does the doctor realize?

After Dr. Seward leaves Renfield, the doctor realizes that Renfield now wants human life, and that the Count has been to him. (pg. 374)

6. Who do the realtors at Mitchell, Sons, and Candy claim purchased the house in Piccadilly?

The realtors at Mitchell, Sons, and Candy claim that a foreign nobleman, Count de Ville, purchases the house in Piccadilly. (pg. 375)

7. What does Dr. Seward hear coming from Renfield’s room that alarms him?

Dr. Seward hears a yell come from Renfield’s room that alarms him. (pg. 377)

8. The asylum attendant reports to Dr. Seward that Renfield has met with an accident. Describe Renfield’s injuries.

Renfield’s injuries included a horribly bruised face, a broken back, and a paralyzed right side of the body. (pg. 378)

9. What procedure does Van Helsing perform on Renfield?

Van Helsing performs a trephine on Renfield. (pg. 379)

10. What does Count Dracula promise Renfield in exchange for letting him into the asylum?

Count Dracula promises Renfield an assortment of lives in exchange for letting him into the asylum. (pg. 383-384)

11. Why does Renfield become angry with the Count?

Renfield becomes angry with the Count because he did not provide the lives that he promised. (pg. 385)

12. What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker?

Renfield notices that Mina Harker looks paler, like all of her blood seemed to have run out. (pg. 385)

13. Describe the encounter between Renfield and Dracula when the Count returns to the asylum.

When the Count returns to the asylum, Renfield tries to grab tight of the mist, and Dracula transforms into a human again. His eyes burned straight through Renfield, and flung him to the ground. Dracula caused Renfield’s wounds. (pg. 386)

14. Describe the scene Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming, and Quincey Morris witness after breaking down the door to the Harkers' bedroom.

When Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming, and Quincey Morris break down the Harkers’ bedroom door they see a tall, thin man, dressed in black bending over the body of Mina Harker. Mina’s nightdress is drenched with blood, and blood is trickling down the Count’s face. (pg. 387-388)

15. Upon escaping, what does the Count do with the typed manuscript and phonograph diary entries?

Upon escaping, the Count had burned the manuscript and the phonograph diary entries were thrown into the fire. (pg. 392)

16. Recount Mina’s description of her encounter with Dracula.

Mina’s encounter with Dracula began with her thinking of horrible fantasies. Then, a thin white mist appeared in the room which she had noticed before. As if the mist had taken a man’s form, Count Dracula stood beside the bed. When Mina turned to wake Jonathan, Dracula threatened to ‘dash his brains out before your eyes.’ He proceeded to suck her blood, and even forced Mina to drink some of his blood. (pg. 394-396)

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