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Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Susan B. Anthony

  1. 1815 – 1902

  2. Ms. Stanton grew up with four sisters in the well-to-do household of conservative Judge Cady, in upstate New York.

  1. The only boy in the family had died as a youth, and nothing any of the girls did could ever make up to Judge Cady for the fact that he had no son.

  2. Elizabeth grew up keenly resentful of the inferiority attached to being a girl.

  1. She married Henry Stanton over the strong objections of her father, who resented the young man’s radical, abolitionist views.

  2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is believed to have been the driving force behind the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, and for the next fifty years played a leadership role in the women's rights movement.

  1. 1820 – 1906

  2. At the time Elizabeth Cady Stanton met young Susan B. Anthony in 1851, the Quaker schoolteacher was an abolitionist and active worker in temperance reform.

  3. She was a poor writer, but had a marvelous ability to inspire others to work as unceasingly as she did.

  4. Her collaboration with Mrs. Stanton, to whom writing and felicity of expression came naturally, was of immense value to her, and gradually she became a most effective and accomplished speaker.

  5. Unmarried and free from domestic responsibility, Susan B. Anthony could provide the drive and energy both women needed if they were to accomplish their goal.

  6. She one said, “I have never lost my faith, not for a moment. Failure is impossible.”

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