Eliciting, Confirming and Establishing Knowledge about Debating Learning Activity 1: Warm-up

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Learning Activity 2: Vocabulary
We are going to work on a motion related to bullying. Below are some words / phrases on this topic. Complete each sentence with the most suitable item in the box.







emotional damage


  1. Bullying is a form of abuse or an ________________ attack on another student who is usually weaker and smaller.

  2. Tom was ______________ from school because he cheated in the exam.

  3. One student calls another names, trying to create _____________ ____________.

  4. Some students decide that they will _______________ another student by not talking to him anymore.

  5. An _________________ student uses threats to get money from others.

  6. Harsh __________________ is not effective for stopping bullying.

  7. The teacher ______________ the bully for calling his classmates rude names.

  8. The school awards conduct prizes to students with good ________________ and discipline.

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