Ela – Grade 8 Required Core Connections Text and Lessons in green and Core Connections performance text and tasks in purple

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4 - Approaching Adulthood
Writing to Argue
Narrative Writing
Informational Reading Focus
RI.6 W.1

RI.7 W.3

RI.9 W.6


Short Story: “Marigolds” (Eugenia Collier)
Novel Excerpt: “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” (Mark Twain)

Short Story: “The Whistle” (Anne Estevis) (Close Reader)
Poem: “Hanging Fire” (Audre Lorde)
Poem: “Teenagers” (Pat Mora)
Poem: “Identity” (Julio Noboa Polanco) (Close Reader)
Poem: “Hard on the Gas” (Janet S. Wong) (Close Reader)

Articles: “When Do Kids Become Adults?” (arguments from New York Times weekly feature)
History Article: “Much Too Young to Work So Hard” (Naoki Tanaka) (Close Reader)
Article: “Nike Pledges to End Child Labor And Apply U.S. Rules Abroad” (John H. Cushman, Jr.) (Assessment Booklet)
Article: “Nike’s Dilemma: Is Doing the Right Thing Wrong?” (David Montero) (Assessment Booklet)
Essay: “This Company Is Employing Children?” (Nadira Faulmuller) (Assessment Booklet)

Daily routine writing tasks to develop and convey understanding of texts
4-6 short response analyses to argue
1-2 extended narratives to convey experiences, events, and/or procedures

1 research project to integrate knowledge from sources/culminating writing analysis essay (using multiple texts from unit)

Sources from Collections 4 and 6

Letter: “Dear Grandma Ella” (Assessment Booklet)
Article: “President Pushes States to Raise Dropout Age” (Mia Lewis) (Assessment Booklet)
Data Analysis: “Average Income By Education, 2009” (U.S. Department of Education) (Assessment Booklet)
Radio Interview: “Paul Moran Talks with Missy Remiss on WSCH” (Assessment Booklet)

*Auto: “When I Lay My Burden Down” (Maya Angelou)

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