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Past Issues Available

Spring 1998- Vol. 1 #1

Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the First Permanent European Colonization in the U.S.

New Mexico’s Ten Common Ancestors, by Jose Antonio Esquibel

Origins of the Early Colonists

Descendants of New Mexico’s First Settlers

Don Juan de Onate; Father of New Mexico

Controversy Surrounds the N.M. Cuarto Centenario Celebration

Early New Spain and New Mexico Time Line

Biografia: Olibama Lopez Tushar
Summer 1998 – Vol. 1 #2

New Mexico Cuarto Centenario Celebration

More on the Original Spanish Colonial Families of NM,

Founding Mothers of NM: The Perez de Bustillo Women

Tracing Your Ancestry: from Today to the Colonial Period …and Beyond, by Catherine Aragon

Ancestral Chart: Onate and the Explorers, Conquistadors, and Nobility of New Spain, by Catherine Aragon

Onate and the Explorers, Conquistadors and Nobility of Nueva Espana

Inspecion: dona Ana de Mendoza y dona Ana Ortiz Pacheco

Ancestral Chart: The Ancestry of don Juan de Onate

Hero or Villain: How Should We Remember don Juan de Onate

Direct Lines: From the Onate Colonists to OLT-HLRC members

Recommended Material on Onate and the Colonial Period of Nueva Mexico

Our Ancestors in the First Written Account of The Colonization of New Mexico

Corazon de Sephardim- Letter from a Crypto Jewess

New Mexico’s Spanish Colonial Historical and Genealogical Sites
Fall 1998Vol. 1 #3

The Original Colonists of New Mexico 1597-1602

Some Disturbing Tales of Man’s Inhumanity to Man

The Onate Colonists to OLT-HLRC: direct lines

1697 Census by don Diego de Vargas

More Sephardic Resources

Properly Researching, Documenting, and Presenting your Family History: Spanish Primary Records

Latin American Research Group

Spanish, Hispanos, and Others Captured by Native Americans in the Spanish Borderlands

Spanish Families in Spanish Colonial Louisiana 1762-1800

Winter 1998Vol. 1 #4

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Equity Act

People of the Camino Real

Sources for Research: American Southwest, Mexico, and Spain

Book Review: The Royal Road

Cemetery Searching

Onate’s Loyal Colonists

Don Juan de Onate The Founder of New Mexico 1598

Winter 1998- continued

Direct Lines from Onate Colonists to OLT-HLRC

1697 Census de Vargas Colonists Part II

Research on the Internet

Tribute: El Corrido de Don Juan de Onate
Spring 1999Vol. 2 #1

Researching Spanish and Mexican Land Grants

Timeline of the Establishment of New Mexico’s Communities

Pioneer License Plates, Colorado

Beyond New Mexico the Creole Families

Creole Charts

Aultman Collection: Trinidad Colorado

My Ancestral Wall

El Faro, poem

1697 Census; part III

World Wide Web
Summer 1999- Vol. 2 #2

Medina Women: 1743 Cundiyo Grant

Medina Lineage

Medina Direct Lines

Last Will and Testament of Elena Gallegos, 1731

People as Vessels of Culture: the Onate Expedition

Book Review: Living Shrines: Home Altars of NM

Conejos Cemetery

Cinco de Mayo
Fall 1999 – Vol. 2 #3

The Baca-Ortiz Family: Ana de Pacheco: Otra Vez

Establishment of Government on the Northern Frontier of Nueva Espana

Correction to the Last Will and Testament of Elena Gallegos

La Familia Gallegos

Conejos Cemetery (cont.)

Portrait Preservation

Dating Old Photographs

Winter 1999Vol. 2 #4

One of Life’s Tragedies

Record of Passage to the New World: Juan Montes Vigil, 1609-1611

Montes Vigil Direct Lines

Vigil Family History

The Caravajal Colonists, 1580 Nueva Leon

Caravajal Family of New Spain

Conejos Cemetery (cont.)

Spring 2000Vol. 3 #1

Memorial Day Tribute: His Name was Alvarez

Robledo: Record of Passage, 1574

Robledo Direct Lines

A Soldier’s Career: Antonio Sena

My Great-Grandmother Manuela Armendariz

Care of Yellowing Newspaper

The Caravajal Colonists, 1580 Nueva Leon (cont.)

Kit Carson’s Home on the Santa Fe Trail

Research in Northeastern Mexico

Spain and US Join Forces on Historical Website
Summer 2000Vol. 3 #2

Massacre at Rio Abajo

Book Review: “The Spanish Recolonization of NM”

The Will of Ignacio Roybal y Torrado

Perils of Genealogy

Chain of Command- Spain to New Mexico

Capulin Cemetery

Genealogy Websites of Note

Fall 2000Vol. 3 #3

Celebracion!! Unveiling of bust of Olibama Lopez Tushar at DPL

The Leyva Nevares Heradia Family of Nueva Vizcaya- 1659-1710

The Leyba Family of New Mexico

“A Dubious Distinction” story of Paula Angel

Early History of Spain

Capulin Cemetery (cont.)
Winter 2000- Vol. 3 #4

The Descendants of Pedro Alonzo Maese

New Information on the Mexican Vital Records

History of Spain: Part II

Determining Birthdates

Websites of Note

The Leyva Nevares Heradia Family of Nueva Viscaya Part II

“Report from Santa Clara”

“I’m my own Grandpa”
Spring 2001- Vol. 4 #1

The Probable Kinship Between the Ortiz Family of NM and Governor don Diego de Vargas

The Ludlow Massacre

Santa Fe’s 1832 Regulations

The Leyva Nevares Heradia Family of Nueva Viscaya Part III

Pioneers of Las Animas County

New and Overlooked sources
Summer 2001- Vol. 4 #2

The History of La Fiesta de Santa Fe

The Proclamation of the Santa Fe Fiesta

Juan Paez Hurtado Ancestry and Descendant Chart

The Ancestry of Ignacio Aragon

Aragon Ancestry Chart

Name Origins

Chimayo Weavers Protest

Las Animas County Part II: Settlements West of Trinidad

The Inquisition, Tomas de Torquemada

Fall 2001Vol. 4 #3

Records of the Spanish Inquisition

Francisco de Madrid II

Name Origins: Madrid

Abiquiu Project Update

Getting the most out of the Diligencias Matrimoniales

Tomas Chacon, Frontier Scout and Pioneer

Gomez Cemetery, Conejos

Winter 2001 - Vol. 4 #4

Intermarriages Among New Mexicans and Anglos

The Navajo Campaign of 1826-1837

The Guadalupita Colonists, Mora New Mexico

Madrid Plaza of Las Animas County

Senator J.M. Madrid, Las Animas County

Las Animas County Pioneer Documents and Pictures
Spring 2002 - Vol. 5 #1

Acequia Disputes

Beginning Your Family Genealogy Research, by J.A. Esquibel

Franklin D. Roosevelt's, “New Deal”, overlooked records of the WPA

Errata- Madrid Plaza and Las Animas County Pioneers: Winter Issue Vol 4 No.4 pg 20 & 26

Intermarriage Among New Mexicans and Americans, part II

Summer 2002Vol. 5 #2

Smallpox Epidemic of 1780-1781

Spain’s Role in the Eradication of Smallpox in the New World

Land Grant Victory

Taylor Ranch History

Use of Common Areas on New Mexico Land Grants

Beginning Genealogy Part II

Intermarriage Among New Mexicans and Anglos, part III

Fall 2002Vol. 5 #3

Juan de Herrera an American Patriot

1880 Census Online

Municipal Governments

Book Review: Sacred Heart Church, Costilla NM Burials, 1865-1968

The Rio Grande, Its Many Names

Mestas/Nunez Families of NM, California and Colorado

California Missions

Mestas /Nunez Timeline

Mestas/Nunez Pictures

Beginning Genealogy Part III
Winter 2002Vol. 5 #4

Spain’s Role in the American Revolution: a Book Review

Soldiers of the Santa Fe Presidio During the American Revolution

19th Century Attitudes Toward New Mexicans

Jose Davila Garibi: Biography of One of Mexico’s Most Prolific Genealogical Researchers

Abiquiu Project Update

Beginning Genealogy Part IV

OLT-HLRC, Library Holdings

Spring 2003- Vol.6#.1

The Jaramillo Family

Descendants of Nicolas Jaramillo

The Fourth of July in New Mexico

More on the Land Grant Wars: San Miguel del Vado
Summer 2003- Vol.6 #.2

Descendants of Nicolas Jaramillo, Part II

Las Vegas in the Nineteenth Century

Publication of the Index and Transcription to the 1779 Census de San Bartolome, Nueva Viscaya.

Chronology: Spanish Expeditions and Related Events

Lobatos (Cenicero) Cemetery, Conejos County

Fall 2003Vol.6 #.3

“Esta Gran Familia”, genealogy of the Lucero de Godoy family of Mexico City

Regulation of Trade- New Mexico and the United States

Monuments for the Ancestors

Winter 2003Vol.6#.4

Olibama Lopez Tushar, 2 Jan 1906 – 19 Jan 2004

The Sanchez de Inigo Puzzle

Jesus Maria Jaramillo

The Humble Jacal

Conejos Cemeteries – Lobato, (Cenicero) Part II

Spring 2004Vol. 7 #1

The Garcia Noriega Family by Geraldine Ana Ortiz LaPierre

Veterans Administration Gravesite Locator

Ancestral Pedigree Charts: Geraldine Ana Ortiz, Maria Rafaelita Garcia, Jose Salomon Garcia, Luis Maria Garcia de Noriega, Jose Pablo de Jesus Garcia de Noriega, Pedro Antonio Garcia de Noriega, Jose Salvador Garcia de Noriega, Juan Esteban Garcia de Noriega.

Lobatos, Conejos, Cemetery: Part 3 by Evangeline Gallardo Marston

Pedigree: Descendancy from Pedro Lucero de Godoy to Olibama Lopez Tushar- members, an outline.

Apolinar Rael and the San Luis Land Grant, Part 1 by Deborah L. Sanchez
Summer 2004 – Vol. 7 #2

Apolinar Rael and the San Luis Land Grant, Part 2

“Old is New Again in the Valley”; Taylor Ranch: Tom Noel professor, University of Colorado.

“Land War Ends” San Luis Valley by Deborah Frazier, Rocky Mt. News Dec 13, 2003

Map of Sangre de Cristo Grant

Last Farewell to Olibama Lopez Tushar with picture

Last Will and Testament of Olibama Lopez Tushar

Index to Past Issues El Farolito: Spring 1998–Winter 2003

Searching the 1930 United States Census
Fall 2004- Vol. 7 No.3

Colorado Grandparent of the Year, Jose Hilario Martinez-Margaret Turner

John J. Sedillo, Story and Obituary- J. Daniel Sedillo

Book Review, “It Tolled For New Mexico”

Family Memory and Genealogical Research, Jose A. Esquibel

Olibama Lopez Tushar’s Gift to Adams State College

Adobe Habitat- Interview with Evelyn Lara Martinez

Pictures of Mini Adobe Houses, Evelyn Lara Martinez

Spanish Colonial Coinage
Winter 2004- Vol. 7 No.4

Spain’s Role in The American Revolution

Mexican Research Sources

Tolmich- A European Family of New Mexico, Part 1, Margaret Turner

Descendancy Chart- Joseph T. Tolmich

The Hardships of Ocean Travel in 1544, part 1

Bartolome de las Casas

The Spaniard’s First Glimpse of The Buffalo

Spring 2005- Vol. 8 No.1

A Nation of Shepherds by Donald Lucero- Book Review

Excerpt from “A Nation of Shepherds”, Part I

Bent’s Old Fort – Emil Gimeno

Tolmich Civil War Documents & Pedigree Charts- Part 2, Margaret Turner

The Hardships of Ocean Travel in 1544, part 2

Alamosa Spanish Cemetery
Summer 2005-Vol. 8 No. 2

A Nation of Shepherds Excerpt #2: “A Rage of Cannonballs,” Donald Lucero

Store Ledger Espinosa, Colorado 1901-1902

Pedigree of Josefa B. Espinosa

Alamosa Spanish Cemetery, photo, list of Burials

Unidentified photo- World War I soldiers

Fall 2005 -Vol. 8 No. 3

Spanish Records of Value in Tracing Latin American Ancestry, by George Ryskamp

Alamosa Spanish Cemetery, part III

Quintana Family Connections

Quintana Pedigree Charts

Special Award – George Stumpf, OLT member

Winter 2005Vol. 8 No.4

Olibama Lopez Tushar Ancestry

Lopez Descendancy chart- J.M. Manzanares Descendancy chart

Fernandez Lopez pedigree – Josefina Manzanares pedigree

Plaza de Los Manzanares – residents

Parade Marshall- Olibama Lopez Tushar

Ortiz Family of New Mexico - Jose A. Esquibel

16th Century Secret- Hidden Synagogue in Portugal

Marine Poem

World War I, Draft Evaders from Colorado

Spring 2006 – Vol. 9 No.1

The Adolph R. Baca History

Dear Moses- letter to Olibama Tushar

Hidden Jews – Traced to NM Catholicism

Luis Gallegos de Terrazas - Family Descendancy, by David Gallegos

In Search of Diego Antonio Gallegos

In Search of Ramon & Maria Trinidad Martinez

World War I- Draft Evaders- continued.

Summer 2006- Vol. 9 No. 2

An Ambivalent Hispano Borderlander- Luis Maria Cabeza de Baca - Vincent C de Baca

Old Spanish Trail News

Writings of Olibama Lopez Tushar

Juan Bautista Cemetery, Florence, CO

Gallegos Family- part II (continued from Vol.9#1)

Voices From the Past: NM Land Grants, Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

World War I –Draft Evaders-continued

Fall 2006Vol. 9 No. 3

An Ambivalent Hispano Borderlander - Luis Maria Cabeza de Baca, part 2: Vincent C de Baca

Obituaries : Daisy V. Ortega and Margaret Martinez Valdez

Santiago Gallegos Information: by Joe S. Gallegos

My Family Seeds, a Photo Story by Diena Sandoval Mohlman

Juan Manuel Baca, nephew of Luis Maria Cabeza de Baca: by Margaret Turner

Winter 2006 – Vol. 9 No. 4

Starkville a Southern Colorado Community, by Karen Jaramillo

El Farolito – Index 2004-2005

Descendants of Jose Quintana Valdez Altamirano y Cervantes, by Agapito D. Alarid

OLT Lending Library Index updated February 2007

Museo De Las Americas- Special Exhibit, Altar Girls, Feb 16- June 10, 2007

Frustration, a poem
Spring 2007 – Vol. 10 No. 1

Medieval Hispano Surnames, Jose A. Esquibel

Voices From the Past: The Salt Caravans – Robert Torrez, Retired State Historian

Lo de Basquez, the Vanishing Land Grant, Margaret Valdez Turner

Preserving the Knowledge of Our Ancestors, oral interviews

Researching the Spanish Archives, Jose A. Esquibel

Contents of the Archives of the Cathedral of Durango – a summary

Enumeration Districts – NM 1900 U.S. Census part 1

Summer 2007Vol. 10 No. 2

Obituary – H.E. Marston

Spain & the American Revolution

US Military Service & Bounty Land Documents, Jose A. Esquibel

Military Resources – Denver Public Library

World War I picture A. Gonzales

Civilian Draft Registration – example

Medal of Honor Recipients, Joe Gallegos & Denise Miller

Veterans Day, Florence Italy

Tenth Mt. Division, Camp Hale, CO

WWII V-mail

Search of Soc. Sec Death Index, example

Fall 2007Vol. 10 #3

East Meets West/Tale of the Barnum Family – Diena Sandoval Mohlman

Hispanics in The Korean War

Research in the Western History & Genealogy Room of Denver Public Library : Jose A. Esquibel

Judge J. Frank Torres, Book Review- Jose A. Esquibel

A Sailors Farewell – Joseph L. Sandoval - Diena Sandoval Mohlman

Who Were The Vaqueros, Arnold Rojas

The Valdez Family- descendants of Juan Antonio Valdes: Margaret Valdez Turner

Enumeration Districts of New Mexico- 1900 U.S. Census (cont. from Vol. 10#1)
Winter 2007- Vol. 10 - #4

Medal of Honor for Bataan Death March Survivors – Catherine Aragon

The Fandango, description by Charles Alden – Rick Manzanares

150th Birthday of Fort Garland, summer 2008 – Rick Manzanares

Voices From The Past, Decline of the Mexican Presidio – Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

Mestas/Nunez Family Update- Michael J. Turner

Twenty Ways To Avoid Genealogical Grief- suggestions for beginners- British Columbia Genealogist Vol.17#1 Mar/88

The Search For Lee Ward, journey in Search of a military man – Margaret Turner

Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts of the Twelfth Census- District of New Mexico, 1900
Spring 2008 –Vol. 11 -# 1

Voices From the Past: Comanche Raid of 1776- Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

Bustamante Family Lineage 1500s-1790- Jose Antonio Esquibel

All Trails Lead to Santa Fe: 400th Anniversary – International Call For Papers

The Founding and Founders of The Villa de Santa Fe- Jose Antonio Esquibel

Our Military Heroes, WW II, Bataan Death March Survivor, John Jessie Sedillo – J. Daniel Sedillo

Colonel Pierre Louis Vasquez, Mountain Man – Margaret Turner

Family History Center –list of microfilm in the permanent collection at Northglenn- Colorado & New Mexico sources.

Summer 2008 – Vol. 11 #2

Founders of Santa Fe, Hernan Martin Serrano - Jose A. Esquibel

Mi Herencia, prose, picture & pedigree - Rose Thompson

Voices From The Past, El Camino Real–Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

Pierre “Pedro” Vial , Mountain Man - Margaret Turner

Fort Garland-150th Anniversary – Jose A. Esquibel

Brigader General Alden -Catherine.Aragon
Fall 2008 – Vol. 11 # 3

Voices From the Past: Allegiance to the Spanish King–Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

Founders of Santa Fe, Hernan Martin Serrano Part II

Journey to Taos – the Story in Pictures, Photos by Shirley Cramer

New Mexico Traders on the Santa Fe Trail

New Mexico Digital History Project

Winter Edition 2008 Vol 11 # 4

Santa Fe Founding Families:  Hernán Martín Serrano, Part III by José Antonio Esquibel

Selected Bibliography for Martín Serrano Genealogy

Direct Line Lineages: Martín Serrano

Zacatecas: Origin of the Martínez Family by Catherine Aragon

Founders of Zacatecas: Genealogies  Compiled by Jose Antonio Esquibel

Soldiers of the 1598 Oñate Expedition that were Natives of Zacatecas

Families Recruited by Juan Páez Hurtado at Zacatecas in 1694 as Settlers of New Mexico

Voices From the Past:  A Not So Modest Proposal by Robert J. Torrez, Retired State Historian

New Resources Available at the Denver Public Library

Gift Giving Fundraiser

Abiquiú Book Project Update

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El Farolito- A Publication of OLT-Hispanic Legacy Research Center

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