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Write a compare and contrast essay.

    • The focus is comparing The Odyssey as a classical epic text to another epic.

    • Compare and contrast The Odyssey to either El Cid (attached) or any one of the Percy Jackson books.

    • You will choose the subject by subject style or the standard by standard style. See information below.

You will be showing off all that you have learned about what makes up a classical epic narrative. Use your epic notes for your standards of comparison. You will use lots of quotes and specific examples.

*Note: If you use The Percy Jackson books as one of your texts, remember that your teacher has not read them so you have to be extra detailed in order to prove your points. Your teacher has little schema regarding these books. If you choose to compare The Odyssey to Percy Jackson then you must be prepared to write an extremely organized and detailed essay. It will be more difficult because the Percy Jackson books are modern texts.

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