Eighth Grade American History Westward Expansion Study Guide: People Battle of San Jacinto

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Eighth Grade American History

Westward Expansion Study Guide: People

Battle of San Jacinto: The final battle of the Texas Revolution; resulted in the defeat of the Mexican army and independence for Texas

Bear Flag Revolt: A revolt that took place during the Mexican American War when 500 Americans (Anglos) in Mexican California took the city of Sonoma, CA in the spirit of Manifest Destiny and declared California to be an independent nation

Inflation: Increased prices for goods and services combined with the reduced value of money

Manifest Destiny: A belief shared by many Americans that in the mid-1800s that Americas should conquer all the land to the Pacific

Mexican War: Americans were interested in Texas, New Mexico and California, as well. Polk sent Slidell to Mexico to try and buy off them. Mexico refused. Polk ordered Taylor to move the army across Nueces River to the Rio Grande. Mexico asked Taylor to leave, when he refused Mexico attacked and the war started.

Mormons: A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Moved to Utah to escape religious persecution

Mountain Men: Men hired by Eastern companies to trap fur in the Rocky Mountains and Western region of America. Gathered once a year (social gathering/rendezvous) to discuss trade and about their fur findings made living off of it.

Oregon Trail: A 2,000 mile trail that was similar to the one blazed by Lewis and Clark that stretched throughout the Great Plains from Western Missouri to Oregon Country.

Santa Fe Trail: The most dangerous of the trails to the West. An important trade trail from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Seminoles: Leadership was forced to sign a treaty: followers ignored it. Osceola led his people to resist by force – he was captured and died in prison. 4,000 were moved but officials gave up, some descendants still live there. From Florida. Three wars.

St. Louis: “Gateway to the West” Where the Lewis & Clark Expedition began.

Tariffs: A tax on imported and exported goods

Tejanos: Native or inhabitant from Texas

Texas Revolution: A revolutionary movement during 1832-36 where Mexican citizens declared independence from Mexico to establish the Republic of Texas. Battle of Gonzales. Santa Anna. Battle of the Alamo. Battle of San Jacinto. Battle of Goliad.

Trail of Tears: When Jackson refused to honor the decision of the Court, the Cherokee were forced to march 800 miles from Georgia to Oklahoma. ¼ of the tribe died.

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